The Best Gift A Narcissist Ever Gives Is The Discard.

A Narcissist is like a combination of parasites and spiders.

He will impress and promise you.
Pretends to care and value you until he gets your attention.

Then you will slide smoothly in his comfort zone which will be your torture zone where he has full control.

He will isolate you and make you feel that he really cares about you and then he will slowly start to feed on your misery while you suffer alone in silence!

The only difference here is if you ignore a parasite or a spider you might get killed but if you ignore A Narcissist, it’s fatal for him.

His weak ego that support his fake world will collapse under its own weight of lies and what would happen to you will backfire at him.

A Narcissist is amongst the strongest personalities yet he is amongst the easiest to deal with if spotted earlier in the relationship.

A Narcissist is a cold predator who looks for opportunities.

This world is very wide and A High Functioning Narcissist doesn’t need anyone in particular.

A Narcissist gets into position of great power by being supported by those who know that he is dangerous yet they worship him.

These people will be held accountable one day by God for everything they have let happen.

If A Narcissist doesn’t want you start celebrating your new found freedom from abuse, oppression and possible irreversible damage to your life’s full potential.

Be happy that The Narcissist self weeded himself out of your beautiful garden.

Of course being discarded hurts but this act that The Narcissist does is really a gift!

Often times he knows very well that he cast that spell on you and he thinks that he can get you back whenever he chooses.

Don’t take part in his game and refuse to participate.

The best way to mess with A Narcissist Psyche is to love your new life more than you ever could have being tied to him.

From here on out you are your own person.
What a wonderful thing this is.

The best gift A Narcissist ever gives is the discard.

Treat it as a gift and watch him regret his decision.

Just remember to keep him regretting by committing to never contacting him again.

Always remember that his discard of you is really him losing and you winning.

It is a wonderful truth that you should never lose sight of.

A Narcissist has a very utilitarian view of relationships.

People are tools and tools are either useful or not.

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