The Biggest Coward Is A Man Who Leaves Without A Word.

Amongst the first words we are taught to speak are hello and goodbye.

Some people remember to say hello when they enter our lives but they somehow forget to say goodbye on their way out.

Do you know what happens when someone leaves your life without saying goodbye?
Well if you have ever been left this way then you will know.

When someone leaves without a goodbye, we are bound to get broken.

Maybe the leaving part doesn’t even hurt as much as knowing that someone doesn’t want to be with us anymore and that he didn’t have the decency to say what went wrong to our face.

Then we are left our whole life wondering what went wrong.

When someone first enters our lives, he greets us with a very confident hello.

His hello is so strong and so breathtaking that it gives us the impression that this person came to stay.

Through the whole time we spend together he makes sure we are convinced how pure his love is and that he will do anything for us.

And then when it occurs to him that the time to end the story has come, he leaves without a word.

He leaves like the biggest coward that he is.

People who leave without a word are the biggest cowards in this world.

When someone walks out of our lives without a word especially if that someone was a person who promised to stay, we can’t help but wonder what went wrong.

When someone leaves us without giving us a proper goodbye even though we know better, we stay there waiting for a closure.

We stay there with a handful of questions that will never be answered.

And nothing haunts us more than the questions we have that we can’t get answers for.

When someone leaves without a word, we keep waiting for closure and keep hoping that one day the explanation as to why things ended will find its way to us.

But the worst part of it is these two questions: Can we move on? and What if he comes back?

Can we move on?
we are left wondering if we are allowed to continue with our lives.
We don’t want to be the bad one in this story.

We don’t want to let the love go so easily.
We don’t want to be the one who ended it because moving on would mean we have made our peace with not having him and we don’t feel ready for that just yet.

But what if he comes back?
The moment someone new walks into our lives we wonder if it’s the right thing to engage in a new story when the old one didn’t end.

There is a possibility that he might come back and what then?

So we pull back instantly.
We feel like we are the cheaters in the story because the end was never said out loud.

And we miss him so much because we are waiting for someone who moved on the moment he left our lives.

The old story ended a long time ago regardless of whether we got our last goodbye or not.

To him it ended, it’s us who keeps dragging ourselves behind and not giving ourselves a chance to move on.

We didn’t get the closure we needed and we are left hanging.

It’s ugly and it hurts and it’s full of insecurities and we didn’t deserve to be left without a goodbye but we can’t change this fact.

We shouldn’t be hitting the wall hoping the door to our closure will appear all of a sudden.

If he had the courage to say hello to us then he should have had the courage to say goodbye as well.

We don’t show courage by jumping off a cliff or driving a car at the maximum speed.

We show courage by looking the person we promised love to straight in the eye and say whatever it is that we have to say.

We look the person in the eye and we say we are leaving.

We explain why things are not working out and we make sure we are firm in our decision.

We don’t send mixed signals.
There’s no getting back together.

There’s no what ifs.
There’s no giving false hope that maybe the tables might turn in the future.

We gather the courage to walk away decently and to give a decent closure to the story.

Everything else is just chicken delivered.

So when a man is a coward he leaves without a single word.

When he can’t give us what we need then we have be the bigger person.

Instead of being afraid to move on.
Instead of following the path that coward who left without a word trumped for us, we have to be the ones to give the final closure to the story.

Instead of being afraid to move on.
Instead of waiting, we have to accept that it’s over between us.

Instead of running away from accepting the truth, we have to be the brave ones in this story and allow ourselves to not wait anymore.

Be the one who says goodbye for both of you and move on with your life.

It will be the best revenge for the one who left without a word and it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

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