The Biggest Myth About Narcissists!

The biggest Myth is that they are just poor souls who did not develop enough due to their Traumatic Childhood.

And the idea of that if you can change yourself, they will be kinder and nicer.

The Narcissist is a disordered individual and that is for sure.

Whether it comes from childhood or from a traumatic incident.

He is an individual who has no problem disrespecting others and takes zero accountability for his actions.

That is not someone to empathise with.

Every human being knows the right from wrong, but Narcissists have no problem saying and doing some of the most disgusting things imaginable.

They have no regard for anyone and survivors should not take accountability for their behaviour.

We Survivors are not the reflection of what the Narcissist has said and done to us.

That is a reflection of who he is as a person along with his character.

Most of us believe that if we change and make ourselves into what he wants us to be then he will be different.

That is a lie, Narcissists are a fake persona that they have created and that loving person does not exist.

The biggest Myth is that his mental landscape is anything like a normal person’s and that loving him will make him better.

They are shockingly different from any normal person and loving them only makes them worse.

The greatest trick that the Devil ever played on mankind is in convincing us that he doesn’t exist because after we have loved a Narcissist we now know that the Devil exists.

The biggest Myth is that he is so smart because he managed to fool us.

They are not smart and we only get to realise this afterwards.

They are very sick individuals who focus highly on getting their needs met in a vicious manner, very twisted thought pattern, and an extremely screwed up sense of self and reality.

The truth of that matter is that they got you under their grip because you had blind spots that they were able to identify and exploit properly not because they are smart.

We Survivors are smart because we got off their hook and hopefully now we know our vulnerabilities and can cover them up adequately.

Trying to get a Narcissist to change by arguing with him or by loving him will do you no good.

The best thing you can do is to love yourself, be gentle with yourself and cut the Narcissist off for good.

Life is too short, believe me.

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