The Concealed Narcissist.

One of the most difficult individuals to identify are the Concealed or Hidden Narcissists.

They are so clever at disguising their true intentions, lack of conscience and emotional threats to you.

Often they appear to be humble and self effacing, butter doesn’t melt in their mouths.

They give you just the right kind of attention that makes you feel that you are deeply appreciated and respected.

You breathe a sigh of relief and believe that you have found someone whom you can finally trust.

They have a way of putting you at ease and off guard.

Concealed Narcissists are unlike their Grandiose look at me cousins.

If anything they appear to be quiet, undemanding and empathic.

They have a P.H.D in Pseudo Empathy.

That is how fine of an act they have honed down.

You will find them in every population.

Some thrive in religious circles, spiritual communities and in mental health professions.

However they range the gambit in formal education socioeconomic status, social status and circles of influence.

The Concealed Narcissist possesses the same psychic structure as the Grandiose Narcissist sun kings and queens that demand attention at stage center and are constantly commanding unlimited applause and adulation.

That is the difficulty in recognising them before they get their psychological hooks into you.

They are very cunning and they hold their personal cards close to the vest.

They are Masters of your Emotional and Psychological tells.

I dare say that some of them are phenomenal poker players.

Concealed Narcissists are clever at putting just the right flavours and amounts of their attention on to you.

Some act like servants, individuals who are there to rescue you, who declare that without you their lives would lack meaning or value.

Concealed Narcissists outwardly take the high moral ground.

This is a ruse to impress you about their fine characters.

Once you are under their spell you will begin to feel the cruel darkness beneath their compelling seemingly innocuous surfaces.

They let the Primitive Projections fly and catch you off guard.

You are shocked and rocked by the incoming waves of Corrosive Cruelties and Psychological Assaults.

Then when you think you can’t take it any more The Concealed Narcissist apologises so convincingly that you let him back into your life.

This back and forth pattern over months and even years saps you of your Emotional and Psychological Energy.

This is all backwards but you don’t realise that you are not at fault at all.

You are on the receiving end of a severe Psychopathology.

To protect yourself from the Concealed Narcissist, study this personality structure in depth.

At the same time start putting yourself first.
Learn to take very good care of yourself.

If you have not learnt how to do this especially if you were raised in a Narcissistic Family it is time to start Now.

Know that the Concealed Narcissist is very difficult to identify.

Take care of yourself with the right amount of sleep, proper eating, an exercise programme that works for you, guided meditation, high quality acupuncture and making Beauty and Nature in all of it’s forms a part of your daily life.

Trust your Intuition and Insight Always.

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