The Concept Of Smear Campaigns!

Let’s put the whole concept of smear campaigns into proper context.

The intellectually and emotionally mature context and why you shouldn’t worry when The Narcissist or some other toxic person engage in this behaviour against you.

Think back many years ago when your grandmother or some equally wise family member once told you birds of a feather flock together.

The Narcissist is no exception to this rule.

Narcissists love nothing more than to smear you to anyone with ears willing to listen.

And who is willing to listen and believe these kind of things?

Who trusts in gossip, rumours and judges people by what they hear?

The gossipers, drama queens and total life trains-wrecks looking for the next living room to crash through.

The trouble makers, general scumbags, users, manipulators, the general undesirable elements of society and his adoring fans who revel in his appalling and quite frankly disturbing behaviour.

And this is a huge bonus for you.
Most victims suffer from codependency and it’s not what people think it is by it’s name.

Codependents have a hard time saying no to broken people, people in need, those begging for help and those who seem utterly alone in the world.

So we tend to attract some pretty parasitic people to us that are not the kind of people we need or want around.

These are hard enough for recovering victims to weed out of their own lives because we feel mean or guilty for turning someone away.

People with intellectual and emotional maturity may listen to a friend who is hurting and going off about certain someone.

They also understand that this person is speaking from a perspective of pain, anger and frustration which is normal.

In time these feelings will pass and so does any and all conversation about that someone ,, Narcissist or Otherwise.

They understand that what they hear during this time is one side of a long complex story.

One they didn’t witness nor experience for themselves and at best only got small partial glimpses of the whole situation.

They will sympathise with their friend, let them vent, offer comfort and advice.

But here’s what intellectual and emotional mature people don’t do,

They won’t form opinions, pass judgements, draw conclusions, name call, degrade or engage in smearing that someone most especially if they don’t know that person.

So essentially The Narcissist is doing you a huge favour by helping weed out the kind of people you don’t need or want hanging around in your life.

That’s not The Narcissist’s intent to be sure but that’s what it does in the long run.

Those with intellectual and emotional maturity that happened to have been dragged into The Narcissist’s circle will realise that what The Narcissist is doing is far beyond the pale of normal reactions.

Because it doesn’t cease and stories really starts to become highly questionable and downright disgusting to them.

They will fade to black as they quietly exit The Narcissist’s circle.

What you need is to surround yourself with good people, those who possess both intellectual and emotional maturity.

The Narcissist is either directly weeding out people you don’t need or want as they eagerly engage in this behaviour or pointing them out for you as they do everything good people simply don’t do so you know who to avoid should they ever start coming around.

In the end The Narcissist has cut off his nose to spite his face.

Look at all the potential flying monkeys that are now utterly useless in giving him any insight or vision into your life which he constantly seeks.

This makes your no contact stance much more formidable.

You have managed to weed out a few of these people on your own but he’s weeded out many more you probably didn’t even know existed.

Send him a thank you card and a cookie.
Thank him for helping you take out the garbage ,, And you thought he was totally useless.

The Narcissist just did you a huge favour and it was all his idea.

Because the kind of good people you need in your life don’t engage nor believe the garbage someone spreads in smear campaigns.

They recognise smear campaigns are launched to serve one person’s own personal agenda and are rarely if ever based on facts.

It’s just hatred, vitriol and bitterness thrust into the open for all to see.

Only the small minded and petty individuals of society will pay any attention to smear campaigns or assign it any credibility.

When a toxic person can no longer control you he attempts to control how others perceive you which typically fails in it’s objective.

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