The Controlling Game Of The Narcissist!

When A Narcissist can no longer control you he will try to control how others view you.

If you call A Narcissist out he will try to discredit the source.

This is the quickest and easiest way to dispel the information.

As someone who has shared an intimate space with A Narcissist you know firsthand what happens behind closed doors.

You likely endured the classic idealise, devalue and discard cycle this partnership follows along with the lies, manipulation and deceit that come along with it.

You were led to believe that this person was the perfect man before he began to slowly but surely wear you down, gaining total control of you mentally, emotionally and physically.

Then finally you chose to escape.
You chose to abruptly end the cycle of abuse.

The Narcissist can’t allow you to leave unscathed.

He can’t make it that easy for you.
So in a desperate attempt to make you stay-put he will start a smear campaign ensuring everyone in your circle thinks that you are the crazy one.

The more lies The Narcissist can spread about you and your supposed mental instability, the more likely you will change your mind and remain silent.

If you don’t, if you stay strong and determined to leave, The Narcissist will become more cruel.

And if you do escape and refuse to look back, the lies will continue indefinitely because The Narcissist can’t be wrong.

He is The Victim here and he will maintain this status, continuing to tell tales to anyone who will listen.

Rise above this.
Go no contact and refuse to engage.
Remember the saying Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind.

The way you present yourself in the aftermath of abuse will speak the truth for you.

And there is power in the truth.

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