The Covert Narcissist!

The problem with A Covert Narcissist is that he can really fly below the radar therefore many people do think of him as a harmless nice person.

Only those submitted to his daily abuse can see beyond the mask of the dysfunctional and toxic human being he actually is.

The Covert Narcissist Is A Tactician.
Patient, highly manipulative and can fool the best professionalsHe can cry on demand.

He can make you look like the biggest liar on the face of this earth.

Highly convincing.
He never shows his colours to the outside world.

Let’s shed the light on the characteristics he shows and to the outside world he isn’t that explainable.

He screws every Christmas and Easter.
He can’t handle happy times.
He can’t stand smiles and happiness.

The Smear Campaign.
This is the best to give away.
Whenever any opportunity arises and I’m not around if he sees a friend or a family member of mine he will smear the hell out of me.

He says it so well that most people fall for his lies.

He has to say something negative about everyone.

I can’t think of one person who The Narcissist met and didn’t say anything negative about later.

This can be from bad clothing taste to completely writing someone off.

Reluctant to take medications.
He doesn’t like taking medications at all .
I can only put it down to him being scared of hurting the other side of him like he is schizophrenic or something.

I think of him as an undercover Narcissist.
A double agent or a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The basic traits are there, he is just more subtle so he won’t be found out.

To everyone around him he is fabulous and only reveal himself to people he is closer to and have control over but his control is also subtle at times and that’s also part of why he manages to manipulate and control people so well.

Because of this he is harder to spot and therefore probably the most dangerous of them all.

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