The Cyclical Nature Of Life!

Life is cyclical.
It is a series of births and deaths.

When anything has outgrown its form, it dies to the old and is reborn to the new.

The key to thriving comes in letting go of what has outlived its form.

We want to hold on tightly to what is familiar and we want to find safety in structures like jobs and relationships but neither one of these structures are secure.

Our security can only be found within ourselves.

We find we need to say goodbye to the old ways and experience the death; the loss of that structure or that person and as the old falls away, the new comes into being.

This is the cyclical nature of life!

When we are afraid to let go of something that has outgrown its form, we keep ourselves trapped in a structure we can no longer thrive in and here we die!

In order to avoid the long, slow, painful death of rotting away in a form that has lost its life, we can die and be reborn at the same time.

We can look to the light that is up ahead rather than back at the darkness of the thing that is dying.

It is not that we don’t grieve what we are releasing ,, this is a part of releasing.

It is our process of letting go.

In the old days, when things were much slower, we would grieve the death before we were ready to even consider the rebirth.

But now it often seems we are both dying and being born at the same time.

We can be experiencing both deep sorrow and great joy in the same moment.

The tunnel of death is also the birth canal into another world and this is what we need to realise.

There is a saying where one door closes another opens.

But if we continue to look back at the door that is closing and long for what was instead of looking towards the door that is opening, we may lose the opportunity.

Sometimes, you might only see the door that is closing.

What is next has not yet revealed itself.

There maybe a time where you are in limbo, in that space between death and rebirth.

This is common and the tunnel may seem very long but it is important to know that there is still light up ahead, even if you can’t yet see it.

We are a part of nature!

As much as mankind has tried to conquer nature, we still remain a part of nature.

The more we try to separate ourselves from our true nature, the more spiritually disconnected we become.

This is because we are resisting who we are.
We are fighting against our true nature.

As we surrender to our true nature, we embrace that our lives, like nature, are cyclical.

We have seasons!
We are born, we have our childhood, our adolescence, our young adulthood, middle age and old age, and then we die to this reality all together and are born to another one.

We can’t stop the seasons from changing.

We can be in denial that the season has changed but we can’t stop nature from running its course.

When we surrender to the process of death and rebirth, letting go of what has outlived its form, we embrace the new form and live an authentic life.

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