The Deliberate Creation Of Trauma Bond!

Narcissists are fully aware of the effect their psychological abuse has on victims.

Most Clinical Psychologists also consider that Narcissists are fully conscious of their abuse.

They will deny it to the victim and expertly try to fool all others and of course denial is the mechanism for control.

Denial, fabrication, evasion, confusion and when all else fails pleading victimhood for their wounded selves.

Denial of ALL self responsibility and accountability is the hallmark of The Narcissist.

Narcissists are NOT categorised as Schizophrenic, Bipolar, Autistic or any other organic mental illness.

Diagnosed Narcissists write exclusively about the conscious, deliberate and cruel intentions inherent in their pathology to make this point crystal clear!

Many people had loveless or even overtly abusive childhoods but that did not make them evil.

I believe it is a choice.
Narcissists choose to employ a set of abusive behaviours to establish power with a destructive goal in mind.

It is deliberate, practiced and honed over the years to produce chaos and pain.

They must win at all costs and murdering their own conscious is the first and most fundamental choice they make to ensure that they always win.

To compete and win on merit is to be applauded when the human contract is observed.

They know they can’t do that
They can’t win on those terms.
So they create their own terms.

They deceive, connive, manipulate and CHEAT there way through life as a strategy for winning and they have an arsenal of tools to inflict their game plan of psychological abuse.

This is who they are.
They do not have a disorder, they are the disorder and they have chosen that identity.

Do not deceive yourself by mistakenly believe that all they need is love and understanding.

They are aware.
This is their goal.
To bait the target until they are on the hook.

They groom the target expecting all kinds of attention and affection.

Once the target is emotionally invested.
They become a primary source of supply until they question them.

They get shifted to a secondary supply as The Narcissist is scoping for a new fresh primary supply.

They push the boundaries of their secondary supply but intermittently throw out crumbs of affection to keep that target hooked.

This moves the goalposts and manages down target’s expectations.

The Narcissist knows he has created a trauma bond because that target keeps forgiving and hoping for things to return to how it once was.

But the thing is victims don’t realise that who they fell for was a fake persona created by The Narcissist.

This is a huge ego boost for The Narcissist to feel that he has this kind of power over someone.

That he is the sole focus of his target.


  • Your strength is inspiring. Thank you ❤️

  • This is amazing ❤️

  • Thank you so much for writing. I hope you know that you’re really helping people validate whatever they’ve been through as abuse. This is spot on!

    • Thank you so much, I’m truly honoured, you have no idea how much it means to me knowing that ❤️

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