The Desire To Make Everyone Understand!

“If we could all point our fingers and shame those who gaslight we’d live in a better world”

Personal validation and societal awareness.
Validation that victims aren’t crazy.

Awareness to curtail and educate others about Narcissistic Abuse.

It’s important to note however that not all Victims will feel an overwhelming desire to reach out and open up.

Many are ashamed that they allowed someone to perpetrate them in such a way.

It’s embarrassing on a deep level and embarrassing to admit it.

Many also don’t understand the situation fully until much time has passed or therapy is sought.

However in the case of defending the title of Victim by A Narcissist’s Smear Champaign, we most often see Victims come out to show their wounds.

The situations that Victims find themselves in with Narcissists are surreal.

It’s incomprehensible and out of this world.
Narcissists lack moral and ethical conviction.

They also have a deficit of empathy, remorse, love and compassion.

Emotions that most take for granted.
Narcissist’s actions don’t follow a structure of logic or behaviour we are accustom to.

Their actions don’t seem real or make any sense.
There are written and unwritten ideologies about human interaction and connection but Narcissists don’t follow this code of conduct.

By hashing out the situation with others, Victims are hoping for emotional support and for someone else to validate that The Narcissist’s Behaviour is utterly absurd and that they are in fact The Abusers not the other way round.

Trouble is Narcissists also do this through their patented Pathological Lying.

They love playing The Victim and they love seeking validation to further fuel their false ego and twisted reality.

Narcissists read the Books of Conduct backwards.

With A Narcissist you have to widen your senses of what’s humanely possible.

By reaching out to others Victims are hoping to widen their knowledge amongst their peers.

Victims feel compelled to spread their wisdom and teach others about gaslighting and projecting.

Teaching others the games of The Narcissist is important so that others may recognise their destructive and abusive behaviour.

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