The Devil In Disguise.

I can’t seem to describe my feelings as I’m writing these words.

This is my first book and I can’t even tell you all how proud I am of writing it.

The book is in the final editing process and it will be published in June 2019.

Looking back at where I was in 2017 and now just seems surreal, even though it’s because of what I have been through in 2017 that this book got the chance to see the light.

I can with a whole heart describe 2017 to be the worst year of my life or this is what I believed it to be then.

I almost lost everything and my heart was brutally broken by the one man I loved more than anything and anyone.

The one man that I gladly wanted to give him my heart and the one man I thought to be worth my love and trust.

This book is about him, it’s because of him my world crumbled, my heart was broken and my reputation almost got ruined.

He accused me of the unthinkable and his cruelty and hate were and still are unimaginable.

He did everything in his power to get me fired from my job that I love and so passionate about.

He lied to me and the cruelest thing he ever did was misleading me and making me believe that he truly cares about me and that our feelings were mutual.

I never thought that I can face all that, I really didn’t know that I’m that strong.

The endless nights that I spent crying myself to sleep and then trying to get myself out of bed and pretend that I was ok when my heart was bleeding.

I guess the question that I will never be able to answer is WHY?

Why did he hurt me like that and why did he do everything in his power to destroy me just because I loved him?

In the process of fighting this endless cruel battle, I couldn’t have made it out alive without the support I got from the most incredible people I have in my life.

To Samer,
I loved you with all my heart and on many days you were the reason I woke up with a smile on my face.

I called you Prince Charming, my Prince Charming because God knows that I really thought you were.

I didn’t deserve to be mislead like that and I didn’t deserve what you did and still doing to me.

You intentionally and brutally broke my heart .
You accused me of the unthinkable and made my life a living hell for three years ,, you basically punished me for falling in love with you.

I thought you were someone I can trust and I described what you were to me and how I saw you in chapter one of this book “Meeting Prince Charming”.

I won’t hate you, I couldn’t even if I tried and I stopped trying to a long time ago.

I loved you and I’m not ashamed of admitting it and I will never deny it.

Thank you for brutally breaking my heart and for lying to me because this is when I discovered how strong I am.

I won’t forgive you because you have destroyed a love that was so true and pure and you never had the decency to even apologise to me.

I got over your lies and I have accepted that I will never receive an apology after you showed me who you really are.

Thank you for being The Devil In Disguise.


  • I just started reading your book & it’s amazing, I’m still in my first chapter & I couldn’t stop the tears, you are describing me & my horrible experience.
    Thank you so much for that book, I’m sure it will attract so many people & it really does give hope to victims ❤️

  • I can’t wait 2 read it. This is so emotional,sorry u had 2 ho through this but we all did 💔
    He’s lost a great love as u said & u won ur life back ❤️

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