The Difference Between Him And The Memories!

At a distance everything seems perfect.
If you took the time to look close enough you will see that those were tears in the crease of her smile.

The truth is between the deepest crevices of her heart he still consumes it.

She let him go thinking he would miss her and fight for her back.

So she waited by the phone but it never rang.

Then she realised there was nothing she could say and nothing she could do to make him ever love her.

She couldn’t make him want her and she couldn’t make him stay.

She never knew how to be something he missed and she doesn’t know why.

It is so hard to move on when peices of yourself still lives in him.

She would change her favourite song that played on the radio because she would rather sit in silence but even silence still brought her back to him.

All the memories came rushing back.
That is the struggle with moving on.

He is gone but peices of him has not.

When he left her it seemed as though reality kept going while she was still trying to catch up.

Maybe he never meant to break her heart but sometimes she just wishes he left it where he found it.

He told her he loved her and that’s not fair because she believed him.

He consumed her.
His smile, his breath and his eyes.

She was infatuated by him to where whenever she looked at him she couldn’t even breath.

She invested in him and when he left she felt like everything she knew and loved has left as well.

So she tried to relearn how to live and to love without him.

It seems so wrong to hate the memories that she used to love.

She wanted so badly for him to come and rescue her but this time she knew that she has to save herself.

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