The Driving Force Behind The Narcissist’s Cruelty!

Narcissism is about Pleasure.
Narcissists smirkingly think they are superior.
They have got it all figured out and people are simply replaceable.

It’s fun for A Narcissist to enter into a challenging situation, take advantage, take what isn’t his then exit the scenario smelling of roses.

It proves to him that he is indeed better than you.

So if he is enjoying himself then why he has to be so cruel about it?!

Cruelty drives a wedge in between empathy and The Victim.

As he is more cruel to you, he is less inclined to accidentally feel guilty.

It’s a practice.
He has to keep it up in order to never develop a humanising emotions towards his Victims because this would disable his behaviour.

He makes a constant effort to shut down his conscience.

Cruelty also disables The Victim.
The Victim is less able to seek justice if someone who was in a tender position suddenly attacks in a way that is senselessly damaging.

Who would do this?
It maybe so terrible that A Victim can’t accept the truth that it was totally intentional.

Also The Victim is now wounded and not at her best.

Cruelty establishes The Narcissist as strong and The Victim as weak.

This is delicious to The Narcissist because Narcissism is a pleasure and he gets extreme pleasure at benefiting from the losses of others.

He lives his life in contrast with others and doesn’t necessarily even enjoy life.

He enjoys life as compared to another life.
A Narcissist’s life is simply win or lose, degrade or be degraded, pleasure vs displeasure.

He wants to put you in the spot of losing, degradation and displeasure to establish that he is winning exalted and pleased.

It seems crazy because life is much more complex than that to most people.

So cruelty against you is about him being exceedingly pleased.

He constantly wager his well being against others.

He doesn’t live in a bountiful world where everyone can just be happy and if he did he would destroy it so he could be the only one.

This is winning to him.
Anything else is the wrong kind of work and doesn’t feel as good because he wants to separate himself from you and be better than you.

He is toxic from the inside out and he cleans himself by wiping that toxicity onto others.

If his process was more normal then for sure he would hate himself but he doesn’t function that way.

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