The Evil Genius!!

A Narcissist is an expert at being A Victim while victimising others.

He really doesn’t get away with it.
The Victim just doesn’t oftentimes realise what An Evil Genius is A Narcissist.

This causes The Victim to feel as if she has been beaten.

The more you show weakness he will use it against you for his own personal benefit.

Be careful and keep on going, don’t bring yourself down but just keep trying to be more and more aware until it becomes a second nature.

These beasts are good.
A Narcissist is a skilful actor and most of Narcissists are talented ones.

If you watch a talented actor play a role in a movie, you believe the emotions and persona he is portraying.

You believe he is innocent, falsely accused, persecuted or whatever role that actor is portraying.

You believe the actor’s portrayal of his false accuser as the real villain.

That’s the art of acting and it’s believable.
Have you ever watched a movie in which you believed an actor’s portrayal of a persona throughout, only to find out at the end that the actor was playing the role of a talented liar who had deceived both the other characters in the movie and his audience up to the end?

The Talented Mr. Ripley starring Matt Damon is such a movie.

In this movie the leading male actor plays an actor in the movie.

This is what A Narcissist does.
He plays a role so convincingly that he fools the other actors in the drama.

He may even fool you as his victim by dramatising wrongdoing of which you know you are innocent yet you are emotionally convinced by his act.

This condition is called cognitive dissonance.
Intellectually you know something is not true but emotionally you believe in it.

How much more are those actors convinced who have no intellectual understanding of what is true in the situation?

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