The Existence Of Human Evil!

I believe that at some point in our lives we will encounter A Truly Evil Person, if we haven’t already.

The idea that human evil exists is difficult for many people to swallow.

Most consider evil is too archaic of a concept to apply in our modern, scientific society.

We want to reduce it to a medical diagnosis or some personality disorder or something that can be managed with a pill.

Not that this is surprising as we have a pill obsessed culture.

We have pills for weight loss, sleep and even erections.

If it isn’t a quick fix then we don’t want it.
But there’s no pill that can cure evil.

Evil People are described as being aware of their conscience but actively choosing to ignore it as opposed to A Sociopathic Person who appears to be devoid of conscience altogether.

In other words, An Evil Person knows that he’s doing evil while A Sociopath doesn’t, even though their actions maybe very similar.

Evil People are obsessed with maintaining their self-image of perfection through self-deception.

In addition, Evil People will be very selective about who they inflict their evil upon while going to great lengths to maintain an image respectability and normality with everyone else.

As a result, Evil People are often well liked by the majority and their Victims come across as being overly sensitive, having a persecution complex or even being crazy.

Evil People are unable to face the painful reality of their character and will often place themselves in positions of power or moral superiority.

I feel that once one has been A Victim of An Evil Person, they are more than qualified to identify it in the future.

I have met my fair share of objectionable people in life but only one that I would classify as Evil.

I’m tempted to share the story of this person in-depth but for now I will just share some general facts about him.

He was well-respected in some circles due to his rank within the company we worked for.

In reality, he had made enemies of many people who he has abused over the years but most people would never know this or so I thought.

He derived his enjoyment of life by exercising power over others.

As long as you stayed on his good side which was only possible by doing exactly as he wanted you to do at all times, everything would be ok.

But dare you exercise free will or stand up to him and you could be assured that you would face the full force of his anger and hatred.

He preyed on people who were vulnerable and trusting.

He was well aware of his evil actions and relished in the helplessness of others to do anything about it.

He enjoyed very much making his Victims look like the one’s with the problem and in some cases even turning some of his victims friends against them.

He couldn’t stand to lose nor tolerate any injury to his grossly inflated ego.

Most people believe in mental illness.
This is because even a mental illness has physiological symptoms and can arguably be treated with medication.

Evil, however, doesn’t have a set of physical characteristics, it’s a purely abstract concept.

Mental Illness is a condition of the brain and easily proven.

Evil is a condition of the mind and the mind is powerful.

If it wasn’t then how could one explain the placebo effect?

If a person is given no medication but thinks he has been and yet gets better at the same rate as those who did receive medication and much faster than those that received nothing ,, then how can one continue to discount the power of our mind?

Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Spiritual Mind concepts can be real and there’s ample evidence that it is.

Have you ever considered the importance of opposites in our ability to perceive existence?

If there was no light in the world then how would we know what darkness is?

If there was no warmth then how would we know cold?

If there was no death then how would we know that we were alive?

If there was no sadness then how would we know happiness?

If there was no evil then how would we know good?

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