The Forget And Forgive In Order To Heal Game.

Forgiving is not easy.
Forgetting is impossible.
Undoing damage and healing takes time.

I sometimes find it incredibly difficult to forgive him so I won’t tell you to just do it, but,

Forgive yourself for thinking you are to be blamed for what he did.

Stop punishing yourself for loving him so deeply and reclaim your life back.

You don’t need to be saddled with having to forgive A Narcissist to move on with your life.

He did a lot of damage by not being able to understand all human behaviours and having cracks that no one can fill.

You will never forget.
This experience is a part of who you are now.

But you can look at it as a blessing.
Here is why?

Now you are stronger, smarter and most importantly you are more guarded.

You were never that guarded before.

You were trusting, naive and willing to let your guard down for anyone.

Undoing the damage and healing takes time.

You have to reflect and analyse your entire life.

You have to carefully examine your childhood to understand why you allowed him in.

You have to pick the fibres of your adulthood and examine why you tolerated him for so long.

Then plan and set a goal for your life and follow it with cautious.

You are moving forward but with a guarded and a protected heart.

You will no longer fall in love easily or that quickly.

You will no longer take things as it seems.
You will dig deeper and you will ask for what you deserve from your partner.

And when you are ready all your dreams will come true.

It is worth the wait and it is worth the fight.

You learnt to live with that bleeding wound as if you were in battle with a crazed beast who lashed out in desperation because he was afraid of your strength.

Narcissists are afraid of strong people.
So to kill that danger they attempt to depreciate and devalue.

Narcissists are full of envy and inadequacy that they will try to destroy you and kill your own self confidence because they can‘t be like you.

Narcissists are so full of themselves but they are nothing but empty shells.

They can’t stand the idea of others having a real substance.

But nobody can steal a heart that is still beating.

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