The Hardest Battle.

When we get discarded we learn the hellish depths of our devaluation.

We loved The Narcissist and believed we were loved in return.

We thought we can help heal The Narcissist, take care of him or somehow protect him from himself.

When The Narcissist discarded us, it was a foundational shock.

We learnt that everything we have ever said or done has been twisted and turned against us during a behind our back devaluation.

Which is another foundational shock.

It is like every time we thought we were throwing a life preserver to The Narcissist, he screamed to everyone who could hear that we were trying to beat him to death or drown him with this plastic floaty thing.

And even then we didn’t want to walk away because we were in shock.

Our entire reality has shifted.
It is like we were forced to wake up and find out that our life was nothing more than an illusion.

Like we woke up and found out we had been living in an alternate universe in our mind while our body was in a coma.

A universe that has nothing to do with what is real.

It is hard to describe the foundational shift that occurs to an outsider unless this outsider has been through it himself.

We have an innate need to figure out the why’s and the how’s and we will beat ourselves up for not seeing what was going on sooner but we will still be vulnerable to The Narcissist hoovering attempts.

Because that was the reality we thought we had.

It is not until we fully understand, intellectually and emotionally embrace that the world The Narcissist created for us never existed and never will exist.

And that if we go back we will lose the rest of our lives to something that is just smoke and mirrors.

Then we will be able to finally walk away.

The Narcissist is just playing the star role in his movie script.

He has to act a certain way and follow through with a certain type of relationship dynamic to have his needs met at the expense of others.

You have been brainwashed.
A Narcissist is a mentally ill person that medically can’t express feelings of remorse, empathy or love.

He only loved how YOU made him feel about himself.

When you stop making him feel good,
He will be off to the arms of another.

He is Emotionally Abusive while some are Physically Abusive.

Covert Narcissists and Malignant Narcissists are the worst.

They will screw you to the point that I have known people who have committed suicide.

They have ruined lives, careers, taken children and stalked them.

They are Pure Evil.

The Narcissist will ruin you and will destroy your life too,
I can guarantee you this.

Go no contact and don’t look back.
They are not normal beings.

At a young age they were either overindulged or abused hence A Little Narcissist was born.

Now they only care about no one but themselves!

Forgive yourself for falling for someone who told you exactly what you wanted to hear.

He will never be the person to give you what you need because he will only give you pain and heartache.

Narcissists are Pure Evil.

They play sick games.
They play with people’s hearts.

It is a cruel and an inhumane game.

Then the He Is Blaming You For Everything Stage!

A pure manipulation!
His mask has come off and you are confused.
You don’t understand how could he treat you this way.

You have figured out his games, lies and manipulative tricks and he has turned it around on you making you feel guilty.

He is acting like this because he is trying to push you away On Purpose.

While you are confused and heart broken because you don’t understand what is going on, he is already looking for his new supply.

This is a game that you will not only lose but your life will be destroyed in the process.

By the time he is finished playing this game with you,

you will be beyond broken!
So leave him!

You have done nothing wrong!
He is trying to Destroy You On Purpose!
So Do Not Let Him!

Get away from him and start healing.

Don’t wait until he completely destroys you and shatters your soul!

Because he will and he will enjoy doing it with a straight face.

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