The Hardest Part About Getting Over A Narcissist!

Because of the heights you were taken to and how far you were dropped.

It was promised to be the relationship you always dreamt of.

The Narcissist is a pro at figuring out your hopes, dreams and fears.

They figure out your ideal mate and create that for you.

All along they sing your praises and worship the ground you walk on.

It is a fake paradise but seems real, it is expertly presented so you can look and see no cracks.

Then the fall.

Your emotions are played with and you are intentionally unbalanced, put down and belittled.

The paradise you were shown disappeared and it’s all your fault.

You are not good enough.

No matter what you do the bar will be raised and you will not be allowed back in.

Your sense of self worth and emotional stability is destroyed.

Then you are discarded like you never mattered.

The ultimate gut punch or survival instincts kick in and you leave.

Realisation slowing comes over you as the lies and deceptions unfold that someone you trusted to have your best interest at heart played you with no mercy.

It is so far outside the realm of normal human behaviour and so heinous you can’t believe it’s real.

Eventually the truth soaks in.

You were promised paradise but was systematically destroyed instead.

You are left trauma bonded to a monster.

Your brain addicted to the cycle of trauma and relief.

The longings and cravings that you are stuck with feels like real love.

And now you are left completely destroyed and have to rebuild yourself with no clue how.

If you have not been Narcissistically abused you will never understand the pain.

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