The Healing Process.

Sometimes it’s hard to let people go.
However, sometimes we are left with no other choice.

The reasons are plenty.
From old flames to drifting apart friends but holding onto someone who has already let go of you is self-destructive.

It only hurts you and no one else.
It prevents you from moving on and being happy again.

It stops you from healing.
Letting go of someone who has let go of you doesn’t make you weak.

It simply means you are choosing yourself.
It means that you are choosing your own sanity over someone who stopped caring about you.

You choose your happiness over holding onto something that no longer serves you and it’s ok.

Letting go is hard, no matter how things have ended but it has to be done and you do it by moving on.

By carrying on with your life with all the beauty that’s in it and with all the imperfections that make it your own.

You learn to open up to people again because you remember that not everyone will let go of you.

You work on yourself so that you can become the best version of yourself because you are strong but you want to be even stronger.

You let someone go through immersing yourself in your own life.

You don’t focus on how better it would be if they were in it.

Instead, you appreciate the people that are still in your life and will never leave.

You appreciate your own life and everything that you have accomplished.

Since all that doesn’t disappear simply because someone has let you go.

As you move on, you won’t even notice that you have let them go.

It will take time because it’s a process but it will happen.

You will learn how to live without them and after a while, you won’t even remember how it felt when they were in your life.

You don’t have to forget them or never miss them but you just have to let them go.

And it’s a strength that you know is within you.
Letting someone go means rediscovering yourself all over again and there’s nothing more powerful in life than that.

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  • Thank you so much for writing this, it’s so inspiring.
    Please know that you are helping a lot & thank you for that.

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