The Insidious Power Of The Narcissist.

First before you even have a chance to attempt to tell your side of the story with The Narcissist you can believe that he has already painted you as someone crazy and bitter.

This makes your credibility unreliable in people’s eyes and just come off as confirming what The Narcissist told them about you.

He is A Master Manipulator and he knows his audience well.

He can easily skate through life without people knowing what is behind his public persona.

He can fool everyone except those closest to him.

The closer you are the more he unintentionally exposes himself.

Look at it like this ,, most people in close intimate relationship with The Narcissist can take years to realise what they are dealing with.

Can you imagine how hard it would be for everyone else in his life to see the same?

A Narcissist is great at manipulation.
Usually it is not only your emotions that he can manipulate but also perceptions and perspective.

Since no perception is absolute he could easily frame a situation so that the perception will be to his advantage and to your disadvantage.

Add to the fact that before any interaction A Narcissist will prime himself with the halo effect so that he would be seen as a great person who’s perfect in everyones eyes.

It is easy to keep this appearance because appearances are superficial and A Narcissist loves to enhance his own and is obsessively upgrading it.

So given that combination at the very beginning there is already the set up to gain his advantage and it would be very hard for people to disbelieve that the appearance is a lie if they have never maintained an intimate contact with The Narcissist.

Most people can’t tell the difference between a truth and a lie.

To make more difficult The Narcissist will combine BOTH a truth with a lie making it very hard to expose.

He will be saying something true and embellishing it with other false details.

It is still half truth so it is believable.
That is the insidious power of A Narcissist.

He is an expert at twisting everything you say against you and you would have to be equally shrewd and detached to figure it out as he will prey on your emotions and your line of reasoning.


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  • This is so deep it made me cry.
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