The Karmic Cycle.

I know I have healed because now whenever I think of him I remind myself of the lessons I learnt.

He taught me the incredible power of self love and I’m really thankful for that.

It is ironic that everyone he meets who can be valuable in his life end up hating and despising him.

I look back at him as my biggest mistake.

Sometimes just his name hurts me.
I can’t imagine people would think back of memories they had with me like that.

Imagine A Narcissist?!

He knows how people who have unmasked him look at him now and it kills him.

That is why he is so extremely paranoid. When will the next person find out?
And who else knows?
Who did she talk to?

At the beginning he presented himself as the biggest gift ever and ended up being the lowest scum I have ever met.

Even though he has the potential to be happy and satisfied.

He can have a much better life than the one he is having now.

He is sharp in manipulation, creative in cruelty, smart in gaslighting and blameshifting so he has all the ingredients to live a successful life but he is using it to destroy those who are closest to him and in return he is destined to live a miserable life.

I don’t think he will ever change because he doesn’t want to.

Now I know the secret behind a once fascinating magic trick and so it no longer holds my attention.

There truly did come this moment where I felt like I get it now that he was all smoke, mirrors and lies!

What he did had nothing to do with me and so it doesn’t hurt me anymore.

Any fond memories I had of him now holds no meaning in my heart.

It is just moments in time and when thought of I feel indifferent.

The connection I once felt so strongly with him, I can’t even imagine feeling anymore.

Inside my heart he is dead to me.

I don’t even feel anger anymore.
Because I see him now as such a fraud of a man.

I actually feel sorry for him.

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