The Lies Behind Why They Left!!

Narcissists lie because they are cowards.
Psychology is often polite with terms and labels when it comes to describing the truth about how some Narcissists act.

It’s not my job to give excuses but I believe that in this world everyone should be responsible for his/her actions unless they are retarded.

So let’s face it and for once admit it, my empathy stops when this abused child grew up and now have a driving license which means that he’s not disabled or playing at The Special Olympics or in some mental health care centre.

So legally he is an aware individual, he’s responsible for his actions and will present in front of the court in case he broke any law.

When you lie, you lie, you know the truth but you just twist it, you retouch it, edit it, save it, send it to all which makes you even smarter than my smartphone ,, This is a lot of awareness I think.

Why they left you?
In any normal relationship, just like anything in this world things start small and then grow big, we call it love.

We try hard everyday to put in it something to keep it going, we put openness, intimacy, devotion, transparency, hugs, handholds, kisses, hard work and affection making sure we keep that box of love full.

With A Narcissist it’s like a countdown.
It starts big, huge, intense, anxious and by time it’s diminished.

They start taking things out of that box, taking out openness if existed, taking intimacy, throwing out deep conversations and stepping over honesty and integrity, ripping off loyalty, ruining trust and planting selfishness, watering it with lies until that box is so full of nothing.

They lie because they ruined everything and you are the one who is responsible for that it’s not them, never, always someone else’s fault, maybe you, your parents, his parents, his neighbours maybe even it’s Jenkins khan’s mistake but definitely not theirs.

And even if they know it’s their fault they will never admit it because they are cowards and weak, weaker than admitting that they ruined it all.

Admitting a mistake takes a real person to admit it all and say it is my mistake.

For many of us, it’s so easy, I just don’t understand why it’s so hard for them.

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