The Logic Behind The Narcissist’s Behaviour!

There is no logic to The Narcissist’s behaviour and not all Narcissists are alike.

We wouldn’t be able to tell what The Narcissist want when he discards you but there are some similarities Narcissists more than likely share.

He enjoys being in control.
It makes him feel powerful especially if he knows that he is living rent free in your head, occupying your thoughts and causing you to obsess over him.

If he thinks he is losing control, he might quickly take an action to regain it just to reassure himself that he still has it.

It’s all about boosting his ego.
When you beg and plead for closure it boosts his ego and gives him fuel.

But you have to know that he will never ever give you closure because he will want to leave the door open in case he decides to hoover later on.

If you want closure then you will have to give it to yourself.

He loves keeping you in a confused state.
He enjoys having you as his mental prisoner.
His answers and actions are meant to baffle you.
This is called gaslighting.

Trust me, you will drive yourself crazy trying to find logic in the words and actions of A Narcissist because there isn’t any.

Nothing makes sense because there is no sense to it.

It is meant to keep your thoughts in an endless loop, trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

He will turn your reality upside down until you are no longer sure what reality is anymore.

He wants you to believe that reality is what he tells you it is as long as you are left pondering the questions, The Narcissist is living rent free in your head.

Until you get to a point where you can say This is just more of the craziness of living in the narcissist’s world and walk away instead of looking for logic and answers, will you be able to begin the healing journey.

He enjoys your pain.
Someone somewhere sometime long, long ago did hurt him or deprive him, overindulge him or whatever the case was.

Then throughout life people have caused him Narcissistic Injury either real or imagined which further engrained his hatred of mankind and justified his vile acts on you.

He is projecting blame of pain from his past onto you and therefore you deserve to be in pain.

He loves to watch you suffer because your suffering brings him joy and it makes him feel powerful.

He must always win.
This is a game to him and he must always be the winner.

He doesn’t care how he wins as long as the end justifies the means ,, whatever he needs to do to get there.

He will lie, bully, cheat, steal and even murder your soul ,, whatever it takes to win.

He has an arrested development.
You are not dealing with someone who has the emotional maturity of his actual age.

This is why the games he plays often seem so childish to the rest of us.

It’s because he truly is a child.
It helps sometimes to actually picture him as a nine year old child who’s acting out the behaviour and it is then that you can actually see the true immaturity of the behaviour itself.

It also helps to minimise the terror of the terrorist.

So I guess the long and short of it is you are The Narcissist’s play toy.

He wants you when he wants you.
He enjoys the game of cat and mouse and your endless suffering.

More than anything else it’s all about him.
His wants ,, his needs ,, his desires.

What he hates more than anything is when you take your ball and go home refusing to acknowledge that he exists anymore.

Because by refusing to play his games you take away his power and the only way you can do this is by going no contact and sticking to it.

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