The Most Painful Thing That The Narcissist Ever Did To Me!

Maybe the most painful was him lying to me saying he was single when he had a wife.

It wasn’t just the lies, the deceit, the betrayal, the belittling, the fact that he played me, the abandonment at an emotional time of need, the devaluing or the discard.

It wasn’t just the smearing and him trying to get me fired from my job.

It wasn’t just the fact of him being a coward who didn’t have the dignity to confront me and accusing me of stalking him.

While there are some specific aspects that absolutely sting and hurt like crazy, above all, maybe also the most painful thing was him.

His lack of human emotion, his complete lack of care or accountability for his actions, his failure to recognise that what he did was wrong, his total lack of empathy and remorse, and his refusal to discuss anything with me.

He made me feel crazy for being upset at what he did, he projected his abusive behaviour onto me, and justified the discard because I was the “Abuser”, and made me feel as if I deserved everything he dished out to me.

We are all humans, and we make mistakes, but, his refusal to acknowledge how hurtful his behaviour was, or that it was wrong is diabolical!

Or maybe that I crossed all my boundaries, loved him so much, waited for him to decide if I was worthy again.

Him simply being himself was the most painful thing he ever did.

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  • Did u get over him or still struggling?

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