The Myth Of Hearing Back From The Narcissist.

Love is a myth to The Narcissist.
Often heard of but never proven real.

When he finds someone who loves him, he won’t be able to resist poking and probing to test and find out what this love thing is.

It’s like he is trying to dissect a specimen.

This is because he can’t emotionally feel what love feels like,

He can only attempt to relate to it clinically like a scientist.

He will observe the phenomenon and it’s effects and deduce laws that explain it’s behaviour.

He won’t believe that you love him because he doesn’t love anybody.

He only believes that there is mutual interests and mutual exploitation but not love.

But if you are such a good love fraud then maybe he can test you the right way to trip you up.

So you will find him testing you endlessly to make you prove your love for him.

The Narcissist knows that sooner or later it will end.

He has seen things end too frequently in his life.

He doesn’t believe in relationships and he also believes that relationships only ends badly.

If he has been caught out chances are you won’t hear from him again after the discard.

It’s funny how easy it is to cut off a relationship between A Narcissist and others.

The moment The Narcissist is aware that you have told someone about his behaviours and mentioned the word NARCISSIST he will cut the ties and never return.

The only time that you will hear back from your Narcissist will be because of something at a very high stake is up for grab.

He doesn’t care about your feelings especially when you are sad.

The only thing he cares about is getting his buzz form of supply by watching you already down and laying a few blows to get his excitement levels up.

Apart from that he will never make eye contact with you again therefore the chances are he won’t be back if you have figured out his sadistic illness.

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