The Narcissist Doesn’t Want You To Heal!

To be contrite and seek forgiveness from you will heal you.

To let you confront him and express all your hurt and anger will heal you.

To acknowledge the nasty thing he has done to you will heal you.

To acknowledge the hurtful effects it had on you will heal you.

To confesss his motivation of the secret malice that drives him and expose his flawed intentions will heal you.

To deny, avoid, stonewall, trivialise or practice abandonment on you after the deed will prevent or delay your healing.

And that’s what he wants to do.
The Narcissist wants to prevent you from healing.

Sometimes The Narcissist will try to bribe you into forgetting the incident with some expensive presents or favours so that he never has to acknowledge the hurt he caused and that too will prevent your healing.

Don’t sell out and accept the present.
Your mental health is what’s truly at stake.

It’s not due to shame or cowardice that he does this, The Narcissist wants to open your wounds and then prevent it from healing and over the course of a lifetime he wants to fill you with open wounds.

That’s why Victims who spend too much time with A Narcissist get more and more injured emotionally until they become emotionally debilitated.

The psychology term for this is Complex Post Traumatic Disorder.

The Narcissist knows that avoiding you will trigger all kind of responses from you.

You will call or text numerous times trying to reach him.

A Narcissist does this to punish you and to keep you off balance.

It makes you question yourself even if you have done nothing wrong.

He may also be giving you the silent treatment because he is grooming a new source of supply.

In other words he is probably with someone else.
In my experience he knew what he was doing but always found a way to justify his actions and let it go.

You are the one with the problem not him.
A Narcissist is incapable of feeling empathy so it is difficult to make him understand why his actions were hurtful.

And the one I knew NEVER apologised because he always found a way to blame me.

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