The Narcissist Phenomenon!!

I was being fooled by the person I thought I knew.

Narcissists are an incredible phenomena.
It’s very difficult to understand that a person’s owns elf is hidden and the Ego has taken over.

The Ego can adjust easily to any situation as needed.

So the whole person I thought to know did not exist in the first place.

It was all fake behaviour adjusted to the moment.

Being fooled is not something I wanted to admit so I kept living in denial by choice.

I was hoping to be saved from the shame of being fooled and I clung to the hope of finding out that the person I knew in the love bombing phase was real.

I kept telling myself that may return and apologise until I was certain that he won’t.

By concentrating on my own youth trauma that caused codependency I came to the conclusion that this trauma made me ready to fall in love with A Narcissist.

I was made to be fooled by my own trauma and there was no way escaping it.

I wasn’t stupid, naive, wrong or to blamed or ashamed but just an imperfect loving person who used to think in a wrong’ way.

When I healed my past trauma I became a proud Narcissist Survivors who’s determined to raise awareness on this disorder because I know that there are victims all over the world who feels stuck and alone.

I also believe that myself and other fellow Survivors are capable of changing this and shed the light on those predators.

Believe me and believe in yourself,
You are not alone and the sun will rise again.


  • A narc’s mind is more dangerous than a serial killer ☹️

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