The Narcissist Worst Trap!

A Narcissist is a pathological liar so you can expect future faking.

The Narcissist will say that he likes you and want to go further.

You are so different from everyone I have ever known and I feel a connection and attraction to you unlike any other.

It is too bad then to The Narcissist that you naively fell for the lure.

The main thing is that The Narcissist whether subconsciously or consciously has already planned an exit the minute you took up the bait.

Maybe he will walk out on you after boredom sets in.

The promises will sound too good to be true.
During the discard phase you can count on accruing a lot of Trauma from The Narcissist stalking you and then accusing you of stalking him.

Don’t get suckered back into his hoovering games or you will be trampled upon even more.

The real game of power starts or continues precisely at the point of discard so never assume that after the discard he will be done with you.

To The Narcissist this when the real mind games starts.

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