The Narcissist’s Curse.

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and seen evil?

It will stop you dead in your tracks, give you cold chills and you will never forget it as long as you live.

This is how it feels looking into A Narcissist eyes.

Narcissists slowly and surely drive all the good people out of their lives.

We as Empaths work hard to keep good people around because they are exceptionally rare and worth hanging on to.

Narcissists will just squeeze them out like a dishcloth and then finally that person will just have enough and leave.

When they need you, you won’t be there for them.

They might have new supplies but they are constantly having to source new ones and the cycle gets comically short as they lose their looks, charm and skills.

So in the end they are surrounded by the only ones who were prepared to put up with them, which is actually pretty slim pickings in terms of quality and quantity.

That is another aspect of the Narcissist’s curse that they actually can’t respect or value the people who will tolerate them.

That is not ideal is it?

I would leave karma to sort it out.
I personally believe that evil of that nature has consequences just not in an earthly way.

Not in a way I will ever witness or know about and I’m content with that.

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  • OMG 😮 spot on.
    Yes his eyes are evil & when he looks at me I see nothing but hatred.
    I wonder how I didn’t see it before 💔

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