The Narcissist’s End Game!

The Narcissist is at all times a deceiver, never straight, clear or true.

He thrives in an illusive world of curves and meanders.

He has mastered the ability to delude himself and others.

Like A Sorcerer he hatches intricate plots in secret.

He is the writer, director, producer and actor in his unfolding drama.

The proposal he brings to the table is never the real deal.

Like a seasoned poker player, The Narcissist knows how to bluff his rivals, when to raise the stakes and when to fold.

Cold-blooded in his approach, he masterminds an end game that devastates his adversaries leaving him intact.

This explains why we all feel that he got away scot-free.

Emotionally detached and isolated, The Narcissist is incapable of truly caring for someone else.

This callousness allows him to launch plans that psychologically wound others if he perceives them as a threat.

In his obsession to win at all costs, he is unencumbered by ethics or morality.

Hurt feelings, financial ruin, blighted reputations, incipient illnesses, broken relationships and even suicides are the tragic residue of The Narcissist’s endeavours.

He leaves many lives in disarray and chaos like bodies strewn on a battlefield.

He coldly steps over these ravaged corpses to reach his destination.

A Narcissist can’t be loyal to another human being.

The length of a relationship or its history is never a factor in how long it will last.

At some point determined by his wishes and desires the relationship will come to an end.

The Narcissist will make his decisive move leaving his partner, friend or spouse bruised, battered and abandoned.

The Narcissist is always aware of the end game and how he will dispose of a partner, colleague, employee, wife or mistress when someone ceases to be of value.

In his psychological world one person is interchangeable with another.

The iron grip of The Narcissist’s control extends to all significant people in his life: spouses, lovers, partners, children, colleagues or employees.

His grand plan is to perpetuate and maintain his personal and professional power.

Those under his control are not free to lead their own lives, to make decisions and mistakes, to use their talents and energies or to have their own dreams.

Their only purpose is to assist The Narcissist in fulfilling his grandiose vision of himself.

The Narcissistic Personality controls others the way he was controlled as a child.

The mother of The Narcissist is often Narcissistic herself.

She projects on her child an image of omnipotence and perfection.

She is incapable of accepting him as a distinct, authentic individual.

She sees him through the distorted lens of the idealised image she created.

She remains tied to the picture of the perfect child she has moulded.

The child in turn never detaches himself from her psychologically.

Mother and child remain tragically locked in an unbroken symbiosis.

Often very attractive, Narcissists know exactly how to manipulate others.

Combined with stunning appearance and social polish is a compelling self-confidence.

When The High-Level Narcissist focuses his charms on others, they feel more alive.

He gives the impression that he understands you intimately and has your best interest at heart.

This charm is seductive and it’s containing a powerful sexual component.

He communicates that “you are the most important person in the world and I know what you want and I will get it for you”

He is clever at discerning The Narcissistic needs of others.

He presents himself as a saviour who understands your deepest longings for attention and a sense of specialness.

Those who are enchanted by The Narcissist believe that he holds the magic that will lift them out of their ordinary, predictable lives.

Everyone wishes at one time or another to be rescued.

We want someone else to take over for us, to love us unconditionally and to give us what we want.

This wish to be adored is primary and irresistible.

It reaches back to earliest childhood when we were dependent on a mother’s love in order to survive.

The Narcissist with his arresting charm and sheer force of personality is capable of activating these deep wishes in others and using his desirability to exploit them.

His end game is to break you emotionally and spiritually.

His primary purpose is to keep you below him so you can’t sustain a healthy relationship.

He loves to see you suffer for the sake of suffering.

He wants to destroy your life and to torment your whole existence that made you who you are.

He is a killer of the human spirit and he will do anything to achieve his success at tearing away your best qualities as a human being.

He will completely destroy your whole life without a second thought.

He will break you and crush your life to the ground.

He never cared for your well being and he wants you to die in anyway he can get you dead.

He lacks empathy, compassion, authenticity, spirituality, compatibility, trueness, respect, honesty, reciprocal and fairness.

He lacks anything and everything you love.
End of story.

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