The Narcissist’s Fantasy World!

Narcissists can’t confront reality to even begin finding clarity.

Narcissists are on the run from something, most often trauma from childhood.

They try to distort this event so it doesn’t affect them.

They distance themselves from this clarity and that coping mechanism manifests into their everyday life.

They don’t have clarity.
They are so very conflicted in their life and perception of reality.

They will give you an answer that satisfies for a moment but the next moment they will give you a different answer.

Their attention span is that of a toddler.
Narcissists are emotionally stunted.
They hate this about themselves.
This of course conflicts with their superiority complex.

Consequently they have to be defensive when you are trying to get something straight from them.

This also coincides with the silent treatment.
They can’t confront reality to even begin finding clarity.

They can’t commit to an answer because they fear they will be held accountable to it later.

As we know Narcissists hate nothing more than accountability.

Narcissists distort, deny, gaslight and project so they can absolve themselves of personal accountability.

You are not a person to them.
Remember that they live in a fantasy world in which they cast all their mirrors and that includes you in a role of their choosing in their own production.

When you talk to them rather than them talking to you then you are disturbing their fantasy image of you.

It is very weird to anyone not familiar with this casting and usually leads to more questions from you which only pisses them off.

You just want to know what’s going on and they are collapsing under the weight of their house of cards tumbling down.

Their false reality is all they have and they don’t live in your world.

You were suppose to live in their world.
They are defending their false self and fantasy world without realising that this is what they are doing.

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