The Narcissist’s Game.

Do not give in at all with your limits or boundaries and just try calmly to restate every thought.

Be as neutral emotionally as you can.

Detach yourself emotionally from the barrage of blame and accusations that the Narcissist will hurl at you.

Detach emotionally from what is being said to you.

Have an internal boundary wall so that all what is hurled at you bounces off.

Don’t take in what a Narcissist says about you ,, the fake compliments or the very real abuse reflects statements about him and not at all about you.

Observe what is said but do not absorb it, do not take on the Narcissist manipulative ploy to get you to feel bad about yourself or to get you to try to defend yourself.

He is counting on that to get you engaged in his chaotic dramatic manipulation so he can effectively strengthen his case against you.

Do not respond to the manipulation of being blamed and don’t try to set the record straight otherwise you will just be dragged in deeper.

Any reactionary engagement is a total loss for you.

It is a painful merciless place to be on the other side of a Narcissist who is using his nasty skills to hurt you.

Narcissists will fight with no mercy and with no dignity.

Having no reaction is your only hope.

Know that the Narcissist is trying to emotionally feed off hurting you to make himself feel better.

It is sadistic whether done consciously or unconsciously so take care of yourself.

So many people at this juncture may start feeling sorry for the Narcissist and it is another way to hurt you at an even more deeper level.

Do not give yourself over or lose yourself.

You must remain neutral and don’t allow too much exposure to his tactics.

Do not react to the Narcissist’s haughty dismissive hook of Now I feel distanced.

You are mean.
You are cold.
You are not being loving to me.
You are not to a Narcissist and you can never win his game.

Do not try to rescue him because you will only lose yourself and your sanity in the process.

You can’t change him.
You need to protect yourself.
He may try to act like he cares about you.
He doesn’t simply because he can’t, he isn’t capable of caring or loving.

Manipulating you and trying to get you on the hook is enough proof of his cruelty, it shows you who he is.

Narcissists are Pathological Liars following their own Agendas.

Often it involves telling you what you want to hear and what you want to believe.

He is a future-faker.

He will promise to make it up to you, and to be a better person but it’s all false promises at best and manipulative lies at worst.

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