The Narcissist’s Hidden Agenda!

Depending where he falls on the spectrum, A Narcissist tends to be hiding a false self.

He presents a mask of normalcy and even altruism if it suits his agenda.

In romantic relationships he can present himself as the perfect partner as he pulls the wool over your eyes.

From being opportunistic, entitled, grandiose, gallant to covert, calculated and insensitive most Pathological Narcissists are hiding something and they are good at it.

It tends to be very difficult to see behind the mask for those who have less contact or interaction with The Narcissist but for those who are in close, deep, personal relationships, they will eventually see The Mask Slip.

A Narcissist is hiding his agenda.
Unfortunately for those who entangle themselves in what they believe is a meaningful bond will later learn that their relationship with The Narcissist is all a lie.

A Pathological Narcissist hides the fact that he is incapable of unconditional love, affective empathy, positive change and personal responsibility.

Though he is very capable of instilling and extracting these things from his Victims.

Victims often find themselves in cognitive dissonance and confusion over time.

The Narcissist who is A Chameleon portrays and mirrors you in the early stages, eventually becomes more devaluing, uncaring and unfeeling as his needs for new energy supply increases and finds you deficient.

Jekyll and Hyde make more frequent appearances and disappearances.

You never know what to expect and you spend your time being hyper vigilant.

The Narcissist can be a talented illusionist, gaslighting you to see and believe what he wants you to.

If you stay long enough you will believe his baits, switches and magic tricks to be normal.

Since The Narcissist may also have some sadistic and psychologically abusive tendencies, the close relationships are often filled with conflict, anxiety, insecurity, shame, trauma and emotional pain.

Since he lacks the capacity to bond but can more superficially attach, the more neurologically A Victim will interpret intensity and consistency as love.

This often turns into a grave mistake as The Narcissist will begin to find disillusionment with you no matter what you do.

Remember that there are some individuals who are character impaired.

His thinking, behaviours, moral compass and walk through this planet maybe one of self serving even at the expense of harming others.

Your hurt, confusion, feelings and uniqueness are of unimportance to him.

A combination of nature, nurture and brain deficits of emotional impairments could be the cause but the bottom line is in the end you can’t fix what is already broken.

Work on healing and self care and be more aware of people who may hide their real selves well.

With your new found knowledge you will see more clearly behind the facade of what was always right in front of you.

A Narcissist also hides his alter ego.
He’s hiding the double life he’s living and he’s always hiding infidelities.

He is a cheater and I strongly believe that.
You may not see it but if look real real close you will see it.

Somehow someway he pulls it off.
If it’s not dating websites, prostitution, coworkers or his friends wives he’s doing.

He lacks empathy for others, his selfishness and destructive nature, his desperate need for validation and supply from others, his own insecurities and the pathetic, hollow unlovable Monster that he hides behind the positive exterior he has cleverly crafted.

Deep down A Narcissist is an evil person who ruin lives.

Nobody needs him but The Narcissist needs to be in other people’s lives just to ruin it and take what he can so he hides the heinous things about himself from people and put his best false self forward in a bid to seek supply from others.

He basically hides everything that defines him as a human being by constantly pretending to be whatever the person he’s manipulating wants him to be.

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