The Narcissist’s Nonsensical World.

If there is such a thing in dealing with the nonsensical world that is Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Calling him on his backward, upside down, horizontal, any which way besides straight forward and logical way of thinking really is the key to shutting down A Narcissist’s mental break down of you.

He can tell you the sky was indeed a sort of reddish green tiger stripe colour earlier that day all he wants, but ask him for an evidence or another person’s input on the matter and it will all come crashing down and then the rage will follow.

Better yet, supply your own evidence that perfectly refutes his.

You have to develop a thick skin for the tantrum and pouting that will definitely follow but after nightly blowups it’s pretty quick to thicken.

After you have gone through this car crash of a relationship which is a bit of an understatement, an average person is going to be curious what the hell just happened.

Most people know a normal break up.
But this, this was sinister and malicious and you can feel this over all themes of ice when the smirk becomes more and more prevalent.

It’s pretty hard to miss.
While you talk about your day at work and he just smirks at you the whole time.

Try and keep eye contact the entire time you are speaking to the smirker and after you are finished, point out to him that he is smirking.

He will deny and then rage ,, so again thick skin.
Normally the smirk is going to make you uncomfortable and you will want to break eye contact.

This is going to degrade self confidence slowly.
But remember, smirking at someone that isn’t saying anything that warrants isn’t normal.

Getting to the enlightened part of all the chaos.
As I was saying that the average person will go to the internet and try to find an explanation.

A list of tools in The Narcissistic Handbag reveals an abundance of clarity for the searcher in a sea of disarray.

The missing puzzle pieces start to come together and then boom everything now is explained.

Well at least to someone that has lived it.
Because to everyone else, you have gone mad.

That type of craziness can’t possibly exist.
Two of the major things many will agree with me on are projection and deflection.

It is full of shame when it comes down to the bare bones of it all and what better way to not feel it then to project it on you.

“You don’t love me”
“You have never loved me”

Clearly you know this to be untrue.

Many other things may come to light as well depending on your personal experience.

However in my opinion there are a greater number of linear constants than there are dissimilarities when it comes to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

For some reason or another the human psyche is very predictable in its behaviour when abuse and abandonment are present in early childhood.

There’s so much information that is like another piece of reassurance being cemented in place when you are first learning about what just took place.

Knowing that I’m not crazy and seeing the same behaviours being described were critical for me in starting to heal.

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