The Never Ending Battle!

No one holds a grudge quite like A Narcissist.
He can carry a silent treatment to the grave just as well as he can carry a smear campaign.

He is relentless.
You may be shocked and dismayed by the battleground you find yourself navigating.

Never have you encountered such an enemy.

He will wait until he has unhinged you first so that he is believed.

He will lie, distort the truth and has no regards for context.

Narcissism is characterised as the most severe pathology and the root of the most vicious destructiveness and inhumanity.

For The Narcissist there are no rules when it comes to morality and ethics.

The only way a smear campaign can work is if you allow it to.

If people choose to go along with false accusations about you it hurts but you don’t have to let it destroy you.

You can learn to not care what others think about you.

Yes you do deserve defence but being caught in the trap of trying to get others and The Narcissist to see your good heart can become a never ending battle.

It is easier to simply tell yourself that they won’t see and move on.

Remember you were devalued and discarded.
You didn’t start over to continue being disrespected by others.

If others are going to jump on and join his campaign then simply walk away and remind yourself that you deserve respect.

Resist the urge to defend yourself.
While this maybe easier said than done it is an important concept.

Remember when you were together?
You likely felt defensive often.
You probably tried to explain yourself thousands of times to no avail.

So now that you have survived, understand that this person continues to try to control your emotions in similar fashion causing you to doubt your motives, your good nature and even your sanity.

No matter what others think or do you have to know that you have no power over them.

The only person you have power over is yourself.
Regardless of what others do with their thoughts and actions towards or against you, you can’t control them.

Don’t spend a lot of your precious energy trying to make others see the truth.

Spend time with the people who don’t judge you, those who value you and help you feel supported and loved.

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