The Next Day’s Shock!!

It is very difficult to disentangle ourselves from A Narcissist.

Narcissists are extremely manipulative and hurtful.

Now you need to breathe and listen.
Nothing of what you did make you deserve that kind of treatment.

What happened to you and what you feel inside is hurt, it’s pain, is not shame so keep your head up because it’s not your fault.

Now your sense of self is damaged and broken by deception, humiliation, lies, isolation, manipulation and miss use of the power that you gave him over you ,, in other words Abused.

He’s the one who should to be ashamed.
He’s the one feeling it because it’s in his DNA.
He’s smearing your name to clean his hands from any responsibility.

What a man ,, what a fraud.

Keep in your mind the following,
• Your self worth is not determined by a disordered person.

• Your emotions and love were unappreciated.
• He used you and he never loved you which is hard to comprehend but it’s OK.

• He’s disordered, he can’t love, he’s emotionally crippled and he used your emotions to boost his ego ,, he doesn’t even know you.

• He just needed some attention and a good company.

• He doesn’t know himself and he is hiding from his true self because it’s ugly.

• What he did to you will be done to others.
• He’s with a new supply now and be sure that he’s abusing her too.

• He can’t heal and he’s only going to get worse.
• He can’t make himself happy for a long time but you can.

• He will jump from a supply to a supply until one day he finds himself alone ,, just wait for it, karma is definitely going to hit him hard.

• You are having trauma bonds.
• You need time to heal.
• You are intoxicated now.
• Think of the worst case scenario and ask yourself what the worst thing that could happen.

• The shame will go but you will be sad.
• Sadness will go but you will be mad.
• Madness will go and don’t try to be vindictive then because it doesn’t work.

• Find your happiness ,, it’s easier said than done but it can be found.

• Life is better without him and if you asked anyone who has been with A Narcissist they will tell you.

• Take your time grieving, it’s ok and tears will heal you.

• Believe me that you will smile someday.
• Life is not fair ,, never was and never will be.
• Now you must learn to self love yourself.

Don’t waste your time trying to find closure because you won’t find it just focus on your healing and you will be fine.


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