The Path Of Destruction!

In his mind you were his saviour.
You were the answer to everything he could get without having to work on it himself.

Could be popularity, love, image, job opportunities, whatever he was seeking he seen it in you and you were seen as a route to get what it is he was after.

A Narcissist will never admit it but he’s highly jealous of the traits you possess.

He can never have those traits for himself.
Unable to feel love, happiness or empathy.

He’s unable to connect to anyone at a deep meaningful level.

He goes through relationships without spending time between to reflect what went wrong and which part of himself he needs to work on ,, it’s an endless cycle of failure.

Like a hurricane the path of destruction he leaves behind is left for you to clean up while he just carry on destroying everything he comes into contact with.

He wants to destroy you because he wants to destroy who you are.

Your traits and personality you have couldn’t be more opposite to his.

While you were being abused he was slowly peeling layers off you.

Your self esteem, your dignity and what your core beliefs are.

He was dismantling you at the time you weren’t aware of it, now you are free of the parasite he can no longer feed off you and he will seek to destroy you because you are seen as powerful.

He fears what you are, he knows you can move on and live a happy life without him, he knows he didn’t deserve you and that you were carrying him.

Now you must be destroyed because if he can’t have you then he doesn’t want anyone else to have you.

He doesn’t want to see you go on and find happiness and be successful, he fears that because he knows he’s unable to do that.

A mind that is trained to play a different character everyday to hide the real self is a mind that is disturbed and highly toxic.

He knows that sent a catch and that if the real him came out early you would be gone and the whole reason for the love bomb stage was to get you on a hook.

That’s why so many people find it hard to let go because you crave the person in the love bomb stage and want it to come back.

That person never existed, it was done to get you hooked so he can feed off you and strip you down.

He wants to destroy you not because he doesn’t see your power but because he does and he doesn’t want it to unleash.

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