The Power Of The Mind Of An Empath!

I used to believe that if I was able to heal The Narcissist he in turn will heal himself.

It was difficult to try and fill the void The Narcissist left in my soul.

An Empath has a hard time moving forward in the wake of The Narcissist’s destruction.

The Narcissist’s negative energy possess The Empath.

Many people reach a point where they can move on and forget about The Narcissist’s pull but An Empath simply can’t.

The Narcissist’s utter lack of empathy holds The Empath back.

An Empath can’t grasp how someone could lack a feeling that she feels an overwhelming amount of.

An Empath feels so compelled to remedy the situation with The Narcissist as that will make her feel whole again.

Despite that remedying the situation seeming as easy as telling someone to pull their pants down before they go to the bathroom, A Narcissist loves to stain himself.

While An Empath tirelessly fight to fix things, she loses sight of the fact that she just can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

A Narcissist never gives closure because in his mind he doesn’t have to and he doesn’t understand why we think he does.

An Empath doesn’t understand that this is because A Narcissist doesn’t have empathy.

An Empath has a painful surplus of empathy.
Empathy that she wants everyone to feel because it’s too much of a burden.

Going back to A Narcissist is like jumping from the frying pan and into the fire.

It’s like loading up your own hand gun and placing it into the hands of The Narcissist to kill you because he missed killing you the first time.

An Empath will find many reasons to return back to The Narcissist.

An Empath may feel like she may never find anyone out there who will love her.

An Empath may also feel as though she has to stay with The Narcissist especially if there are kids involved.

In the end we will learn that we really didn’t need The Narcissist to begin with because we can survive on our own.

An Empath may not initially recognise that her overall experience with A Narcissist should be a learnt lesson in order for her to heal.

An Empath doesn’t initially recognise her own co-dependency habit when in a relationship with A Narcissist.

Once she gains experience in learning how to shield and protect herself and attune to the energy around her then she can easily recognise those of bad character who don’t mean her well.

An Empath who was once A Victim when she becomes A Survivor would never go back to A Narcissist because she learnt from the experience itself which activated other abilities she never knew that she possessed.

An Empath possesses more than just being able to be highly sensitive to her surroundings and people.

The power of the mind of An Empath opens the door to great opportunities whether people out there believe Empaths are delusional or not.

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