The Purpose Of Destroying!

From what I have observed by the time he get to the discard phase, he has spent a considerable amount of time devaluing you behind you back while pretending to still be so loving.

It creates an odd dichotomy in his psyches, because he invest so much in the devaluation that he begins to believe his own lies about you.

And then he starts to resent you because you are forcing him to be nice, you are forcing him to keep up this charade of a relationship while the only people he can be honest around are the friends he is devaluing you to and your secret replacement.

It is a type of projection but it builds up a lot of resentment inside of him and that resentment is aimed at you.

He has already replaced you but to make that replacement palatable to his circle, it’s got to stay a secret until after you have been thoroughly devalued and discarded.

And that is all your fault because you won’t just vanish the way you are supposed to.

While this is building he is plotting to betray you in the worst way possible and to hurt you as much as possible because that is what you deserve and that is what will balance the scales as far as he is concerned.

Because the need for devaluation.
The time he had to spend in devaluation.
The mask he wears around you so that you don’t catch on to the devaluation.
These are all your fault and the resentment that built up within him needs to be set right.

And that is only going to be set right by your emotional pain.

You are making him do this to you,
you are making him live in a way that is not true to himself by pretending to still be in a relationship with you and that building resentment makes him wants to hurt you.

He is going to enjoy every moment of the emotional pain he causes you.

Because you deserve it for putting him through all this.

Also it is that he knows how addicted you have become to him and how successful the love-bombing phase was.

I also think he wants to make sure to get rid of you completely, cut all ties and make it so you never want to see him again.

Because at this point he wants you out of his life completely and out of the lives of his inner circle with your inconvenient truth.

He knows he has to go all out to achieve that.

I’m not sure if he doesn’t know himself enough to realise that he might be hoovering you later.

If the discard is only temporary so why the all-out push to utterly destroy you?

If he is so confident in his power and personal magnetism that he thinks all he needs to do if he decided he needs you again for any reason, is to put you back in the love-bombing stage for a few weeks and you will be his again.

But at the time of the discard you are a broken toy that he doesn’t need and that he resents for breaking.

If you magically fix yourself, he will want you again and he will cross that bridge when or if he comes to it.

It is a game he is going to win by bringing a cannon to the discard while you are armed with a fly swatter.

Because to him, his reputation, his friends, his minions and his future happiness is all on the line and the only way he can save himself is by destroying you and making sure that you come out as the villain.

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