The Realisation!

All I ever wanted was a soulmate, but I ended up With a degree in psychology

Not by choice!

I wish I never had to learn how deceptive those evil creatures can be.

You don’t truly know how painful it is until you have lived through it.

Yes I heard the word “Narcissist” several times, but then it was just a word.

Now it has so much more meaning than I can ever express.

When I was discarded, everything was fine.

Then ‘boom’ the discard felt like someone has ripped my heart out.

I was in shock and was truly disgusted that there are people who can do what they do, without any remorse.

Like so many others, I got slammed and started to try and find out what hit me.

Common sense said something wasn’t right.

I started Googling No Empathy and Instant Rage.

It took me 6 months to finally admit that he might be a Narcissist, but it wasn’t until I discovered the concept of a Covert Narcissist that I realised what they were describing makes him A Text Book Narcissist.

The sad part about the disorder is that Narcissists are so predictable.

The most common point discussed is how most of us can write each other’s stories.

It’s like there is a Narcissist play book out there.

I was trying everything to make the relationship work.

But no matter what I did it was just a painful agonising situation.

I thought it was the relationship of a lifetime.

In reality it was a never ending nightmare.

After I had given more of myself than I could come back from without help, a friend suggested he was a Narcissist.

I started reading up on it and everything fit.

But that was not enough for me.

I wanted to understand what drives them and what motivates them.

It took me hundreds of hours of studying to come up with a template that fits and covers most of his cruel behaviour.

Too late to save me but not too late for me to help others.

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