The Reality Of The Narcissist!

Life is a stage and he is the lead actor.
Everyone is watching him and analysing his every move.

The camera lens is able to instantly focus on his every pore to which he is very aware so he perfected the art of laughing and crying effortlessly.

It derives him a great pleasure if he can convince you of the sincerity of his acting.

He has mastered the art of acting concerned, being friendly, empathising and appearing humble.

He knows how to give the right information in order to appear genuine and not give anything away which might suggest that indeed he is wearing a mask.

His role has been perfected moments after he was casted.

He could see what was required from him so you too could perform well on stage next to him.

It took him a mere instant to learn how you function and determined what he needed to do to meet your needs in order to keep the entire show exciting enough for you to stay committed and for others to come and watch.

Without an audience to validate his existence, he would rather be dead.

If the stage was dark and empty or if nothing was there to provide life for The Narcissist, he would truly think he was dead.

A mirror would suffice or just a bit of light but without anything at all The Narcissist would literally choose to befriend The Devil himself rather than being ignored by God or being put into an empty vessel again.

It is hard work to survive in A Narcissist’s reality.

Long ago he was probably repeatedly neglected, ignored and rejected and it bred wrath within his soul so heavy that he grew desperate for any attention.

He created a make believe friend who was really an extension of himself so he likely was ashamed about having to do this or he gave his love to an evil demon perhaps Satan himself just to feel that he was cared for.

Long ago he realised his complete inability to tolerate being denied approval and affection so he signed on with the other side where he was told he was loved and that he was perfect.

He is so afraid to be alone that he learnt to never need you or anyone else other than himself to survive.

He will never love anyone else which enables him to be best friends with the director of his show so to speak, thus guarantees that he can call the shots and get what he wants whenever he wants it.

Your opinion will never matter because you were never there.

He believes that no one can love him more than he love himself and the secret of who he truly is will hopefully die with him and him alone.

You are merely a viewer of his chameleon like overtures, a co-star if you are lucky but you can never share a bond with the director like he does.

The director is his master.
The director is his creator.
The director was his way out from the dark silent black hole he suffered inside.
And because of his suffering he is now on top and will do anything to stay there.

The director is Satan himself.

Now to him you are nothing, weak and replaceable.

He runs the show and without his sly freestyle the entire performance would be a flop because it is only a performance.

Nothing is real.
Everything is an illusion.

He knows that you might see his truth so everything he says is calculated very carefully before he speaks it.

His every movement, leg bend, toe tap or sigh is done on purpose.

His reality is exhausting.
But then again life is a challenge and you must fight with every part of your being to make it through.

His is also fighting to look normal and making valiant efforts pretending to be alive.

Honestly his reality is a very sad state of affairs because the truth is he that died emotionally a long long time ago.

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