The Reason Why A Narcissist Never Confronts You!

The Narcissist wins by not engaging or at least he doesn’t lose.

He doesn’t get accused, he doesn’t have to accept blame and doesn’t have to listen to your trivial nonsense which he couldn’t care less about.

Pestering him for attention can easily turn into supply even negative attention is attention.

He feeds off your emotional responses.
There’s no compromising, there’s no middle ground with him and nothing but his way or the highway.

I was left feeling worse every time I try to talk some sense to him.

Not once was it ever a positive outcome.
Having nothing invested in the relationship or concerns about your feelings gives him a big advantage.

He can’t communicate and he’s never the cause of any problem.

You and everyone else in the sphere are the problem.

He will always run because he’s emotionally and empathetically an empty shell of a soul.

Don’t waste your time trying to talk some sense to him

He is never honest to himself.
He chooses to ignore his trauma and inflict it on others purposefully for a means of control.

Control that he lacks within.

It is within the purview of A Narcissist to accuse someone of stalking him when he is in fact The Stalker.

A Narcissist trades identity with his Victim.

He steals the good and sane qualities and projects his unsavoury behaviour and mental illness onto The Victim.

It’s a perfect piece to his delusion and false sense of importance.

He thinks that everybody wants him so badly that it hurts.

A Narcissist is the saddest and most harmful person I have ever known.

Accusing people of anything that makes him A Victim is A Typical Narcissistic Behaviour.

As a matter of fact A Narcissist Can go as far as filing charges on you for stalking him when the reverse is the case.

We are dealing with someone who doesn’t play by the rules.

Anything and I mean anything that will give him an edge or win will happen.

Everything is possible when you don’t have empathy or a reason to worry about guilt.

The whole world is a shooting gallery.
He understands consequences and if it will boomerang back at him then he will change directions.

Which means that you need to worry in another direction.

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