The Reason Why Victims Have No Compassion For Narcissists!!

The reason some of us don’t have any compassion for Narcissists is because they went too far.

Let me explain what I mean by that?
Normal people might lie but Narcissists gaslight.
The difference between the two is jolting and staggering.

Normal people don’t engage in gaslighting.
Normal people might cheat but Narcissists triangulate, cheat and even covertly use their cheating to torment someone on purpose.

Normal people would have no desire to rub their cheating in someone’s face before, during or after the fact while also still denying it, even against incontrovertible evidence.

Normal people might simply screw up but Narcissists think of how they can try to screw things up as bad as they possibly can conjure up in their minds and then they play it all out and blame the other person for everything.

Normal people don’t do that when they make an honest mistake.

There’s nothing to have compassion for with A Narcissist who dehumanises every interaction that you ever have with them from start to finish.

Whatever compassion we ever felt for them got used up very quickly when we caught onto their callous games and toxicity.

How can someone show mercy to The Merciless?

Narcissists are simply too hateful and heartless to feel any compassion for because they, themselves, don’t have compassion or empathy for anyone else instead, they have malice, contempt and ill will and when they look upon us it’s only in terms of those things.

How can one have compassion for someone who has so much hate inside of them?

Someone who wants to tear you apart mentally and emotionally and isn’t willing to stop but always takes things entirely too far to the point of being abhorrent and completely unforgivable?

That’s Victims have no compassion for Narcissists.

It’s dangerous and unwise to show compassion for A Monster whose ultimate goal is to use you and destroy you.

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