The Root Of All Evil!

What is Narcissism!
The Covert Narcissist is the worst.
These creatures are the Dr. Jekyll and Hyde type.

The Covert Narcissist will act one way in front of others but only you get to see the real demon.

He usually likes to look good and stay in good light with fellow coworkers, family and the community.

An Overt Narcissist will last an average of six months to two years in a relationship.

On the other hand The Covert Narcissist can remain in a relationship for over twenty years.

The reason why is because The Covert Narcissist is able to adapt his behaviour to the relationship that he forms with An Innocent Victim.

By the end of the twenty years this Victim is usually in poor health or has gone crazy from the mind games that The Covert Narcissist plays.

A Narcissist usually run tests on The Targeted Victim to see if she is a good match to become A Source Of Narcissistic Supply.

There is usually a grooming period that The Narcissist Supply has to go through.

The Covert Narcissist over time starts to drain the hell out of The Victim and devalues her and then discards her when he can no longer get the energy supply that he needs to thrive from her.

A Narcissist is a shape-shifter pretending to move into the next relationship as though he shares the same interests as The Victim.

A Narcissist doesn’t share any interests with anyone or has any interests at all because he has personality issues.

He is just a shape-shifter who is miserable and has to constantly put on a different costume each time he moves into a new relationship with A New Victim.

He is also A Social Chameleon who would wear a completely different identity depending on who he is holding a conversation with.

The actions of A Covert Narcissist will never match his words.

His years of brainwashing his Victim can be detrimental in the end especially when the devaluing and the discard kicks in.

This is what makes The Covert Narcissism very damaging and dangerous.

Also the self-loathing inside that is eating him.
In his vulnerable moments or the cruelest ones he might tell you that he’s A Monster.

And more often than not you will rush to tell him that he’s not a monster snd that you see goodness in him.

That tells him about you.
This belief of yours is internalised and acknowledged and is used to his advantage.

If not now then later and you can be sure of it.
The ego of A Narcissist is deeply fractured and he has low self esteem.

An argument will bring these deeply rooted fears and insecurities to the surface.

I wouldn’t recommend engaging in this kind of dialogue because his main goal is to work on your empathetic side so that he can use this to draw you back into helping him.

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