The Self-Deluded Narcissist!

Someone very Narcissistic will lie and manipulate to his own advantage without conscience, empathy or compassion for anyone else.

Would he commit perjury?
That depends on what he has to gain over what he doesn’t want to lose.

Would he be bothered about doing it?
I doubt it very much.

Would he be bothered if he gets caught?
He would say not but if he did he will deny, blame, gaslight and manipulate until he finds out that he is doomed and still it won’t be his fault.

He will blame someone else for why he did it.

The Narcissist’s most important weapon against anyone is the stealth mode.

He can’t practically function unless his true nature is hidden from everyone.

He has to be perceived as honest, caring and loving in order to be successful.

Exposure makes him run away, block contact and hide trying to bar all the possible ways of being revealed for what he truly is:
Empty shell full of lies and bitterness.

Exposure makes people aware and cautious.
It is a NO NO for The Narcissist.

He doesn’t have the intention nor the possibility to live up to what he pretends to be and this makes the sources of Narcissistic Supply scarce and decrease the effect of his mind games.

The Narcissist I knew was interested only in what others think of him, was he wearing the right outfit, was he eloquent enough, was he looked at aș being someone important and all sorts of crap that I have always considered pointless.

He lives to get an applause from the public.
Although in the process he kills those who realy stand tall for him and most of all truly love him.

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