The Smear Campaign!

Don’t let them bring you down, you are too beautiful, courageous, intelligent and strong.

When healthy people feel upset about something, they will get angry.
But toxic people don’t just get angry, they seethe and wage a devious smear campaign.

Smear Campaigners carefully and strategically use lies, exaggerations, suspicions and false accusations to try destroying your credibility.

They hide behind a cloak of upstanding heroism and feigned innocence in an attempt to make as many people as possible think their efforts are based not on their vindictiveness but on upstanding concern.

As a smeared person, what you are most likely guilty of is saying no to someone who is in some way, failing to respect your boundaries, refusing to follow the same rules as everyone else or someone who is spreading toxicity.
Someone entitled.
Someone sneaky and vindictive.
Someone who purposely hurting you.

While standing up for yourself is the right thing to do, toxic people simply don’t believe you have any right to refuse their mistreatment and they will set out to punish you for having any opinions that differ from theirs.

Virtually all Smear Campaigners can be counted on to have traits of Cluster B personality disorders.

Narcissists and Sociopaths are among the most virulent smear campaigners and histrionic and borderline people may also opt to smear those who upset them.

Not surprisingly, these four disorders are classified as the dramatic and erratic high conflict personalities.

Narcissists can fly into a vindictive narcissistic rage if questioned instead of receiving compliance with their demands.

Sociopaths often have anger management issues and are driven solely by their own wishes with no regard for the rights of others or for consequences.

Histrionic people create drama and conflict wherever possible and they require little to no incentive to do so.

People with borderline personality disorder have difficulty controlling their emotional reactions and will become intensely angered by what others interpret to be minor matters.

Regardless of the reason for the Smearing, all Smear Campaigns work virtually the same way and follow a very predictable pattern of the usual dirty tricks and underlying motives.

Discredit and isolate the victim.
Play the role of the victim and the hero.
Lie, exaggerate and manipulate.
Manufacture fear.
Label the victim inferior.
Hurt the victim for spite.

The difficulty with saying no to toxic people is that they are already hazardous.

After all, if they weren’t toxic and you didn’t have had to say no to them in the first place.

Most Abusers simply want what they want and will not be denied without unleashing a torrent of phony martyrdom and vicious slander all about you and how you are an abuser.

Their story will be warped, slanted and twisted until there’s not one atom of the truth left in it.

Lies will be sprinkled in to try making their audience fear, prejudge and rebuke you for the supposed evil you have perpetrated against this innocent lamb or a vulnerable, well-respected person.

You didn’t ask for your boundaries to be respected, you are a vicious animal who attacked them and you have supposedly attacked others, so everyone needs to be careful of you if they want to be safe.

Everyone should stand up on behalf of this good person by shutting you out and standing up against your abuse.

If the the Abuser is a coworker, he will try to get you into trouble or fired.

You must be marginalised and cut off from the pack so you will be left feeling weak and alone.

It is the payback the smear campaigner exacts for the fact that you got in his way.

He wants you sorry that you were ever born and he knows how much it will hurt you to be shunned, turned against and how powerless you will feel without the assistance of others.

The smear campaigner must convince those whom he is telling these lies to is kept sweet, and he will play the good one, the nice helpful one, the innocent one who is only trying to warn people of how secretly evil you supposedly are when nobody’s looking.

He is doing his coworkers a grand favour by bravely speaking out against your misdeeds.

He will cleverly play the friendly, good person who is upstanding, supportive and likeable, just like the one he is trying to reel in.

He will never do anything wrong or unlikeable.

The smear campaigner needs to make his audience think that he is perfectly innocent who was shockingly blindsided by your supposed evil, unreasonability, overemotionality or mental instability.

Smear Campaigners’ goals is to make those around you see you as mistrustful, fear you and condemn you.

If he thinks that his audience will not swallow the lie that, he has done absolutely nothing to contribute to the matter, he will admit that he has done something very minor, but your response to it is outrageously unreasonable or completely incompetent.

Popular lies of the smear campaigner will include statements and insinuations that you are mentally ill, incompetent, untrustworthy and unreasonable.

The smear campaigner does this so that if your legitimate upset shows, the observer will attribute it to irrationality, ill intent or instability, and not to your normal upset at having been badly mistreated.

Most people who uses smear campaigns have several things in common;
The smear campaigner must work to make people believe him.
He will put on a good face, agree with his listeners and feign integrity and kindness.

Carefully tending to his image as an innocent and upstanding whistleblower who is bravely speaking up against evil is a necessary part of the smear campaigner’s plan.

Whether smear campaigners claim to be your victim or just a conscientious bystander, he knows that being seen as the good one fools the most people possible.

He is a righteous and brave warrior of truth, not someone who is having a tantrum because you got in his way when he was doing something wrong.

He is not a cowardly tyrant who is seething with revenge, certainly not.

He is just a decent person who is bravely trying to help others by spreading the word to be careful and avoid a monster of an abuser ,, you!

Smear campaigners will claim that they don’t want to say anything bad about anyone and that it is not like them, but they just have to say something about you in order help good people snuff out your supposed evil.

They must break with their usual humble moral humility in order to step up and save the decent people of the world by finally exposing the truth about you that nobody has ever known!

Of course, it is not the truth, it is a smear campaign.

But mostly everybody wants to support a person who has been hurt by someone abusive and will rush to their defence so that is the role the smear campaigner often plays, the good and innocent victim hero.

Smear campaigners play on the sympathies of others, using people’s empathy to gain social leverage against their victims.

Most smear campaigners are highly Narcissistic, and Narcissists can’t ever be expected to apologise, come clean or admit any wrongdoing, even if caught red handed in their lies.

They truly believe in their own way, that a smear campaign is the right thing to do to you, because you have opposed them and you should have known better than to do such an unthinkable mistake, so it is simply your fault that they are smearing you.

They are teaching you a lesson, whether to agree with whatever they want or else.

You “asked for it”, and they are teaching you better.

Smear campaigners are like spoiled playground bullies who kick another child when the teacher’s back is turned, just because the child didn’t give them whatever they want.

They can’t be made to empathise and they are well practiced in their abusive games because they have been playing it all their lives.

If you should become the subject of a smear campaign, you may find the following practices to be helpful in reducing or eliminating the damage …
1. Immediately discontinue speaking to the smear campaigner,
If you can’t possibly do this because it is a work situation, limit the time spent talking to this person alone as much as possible.

Abusive people don’t like witnesses so avoid being alone with them at all cost.

That’s when the abuse will be at it’s worst and when you will say the things they will cruelly twist into lies later.

They will attempt to weasel out of the conversation by suggesting you have it later, in their office, at their house or another isolated environment.

Avoid this by cutting comments down into very small pieces.

2. Put things in writing,
One of the great benefits of the electronic age is that we can have an instant and verified copy of every piece of correspondence we send.

If you absolutely must speak to the smear campaigner and you have the option of saying whatever you need to say in writing, do it.

Have a record of exactly what has been said by you is invaluable protection against distortions and misrepresentation.

Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) what you send to the smear campaigner to a third party whenever possible.

When writing the content of the correspondence, do not say anything you would not want everyone to read.

If you do, it is guaranteed that everyone will soon be reading it or what is left of it after the smear campaigner’s creative “editing” work.

Know the lay of the land and act accordingly.

A summary of important points to remember about smear campaigns,
1. Smear campaigns are typically conducted against people who have stood up against some form of unfairness, abuse, or entitlement.
2. Narcissists are highly active smear campaigners and those with other high conflict cluster B personality disorders are prone to smearing others.

A smear campaign involves lies, exaggerations, and cultivation of mistrust toward the victim.

Smear campaigners insinuate that the victim is mentally ill, unreasonable, incompetent, untrustworthy or abusive.

Smear campaigners typically play on the sensibilities of others, using people’s empathy and morals to turn people against their victims, most often for having done nothing more than disagree with the smearer.

A smear campaigner prefers to make others think that he is a good person who is rightfully standing up against the victim’s supposed immorality or abuse.

A Smear campaigner will play the victim, the hero and sometimes both.

Smear campaigners try to ostracise their victims and make them feel alone, unpopular and unsupported by others.

Smear campaigners enjoy the feeling of having gotten back at their victims and believe it is completely justifiable.

Smear campaigners do not acknowledge the wrong they do and can’t typically be expected to genuinely confess or apologise even after they have been proven liars.

Do not speak to smear campaigners unless it is completely impossible not to.

If you DO have to speak to the smearer, do so only in the presence of others and in copied emails or properly documented letters.

Plan ahead to prevent being put in difficult positions by the smear campaigner.

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