The Toxic Trauma Bond.

Toxic Trauma Bond with A Narcissist is the fear of losing him after you became addicted to him because the relationship and the whole concept of it is abusive by nature.

The fuelling up of the Narcissist on your attention and the bad fuelling from drama of his passive aggressiveness makes you an addict.

But trust me it’s more than addiction.

It’s the Fear.
The fear to face this world without him after you were hypnotised and convinced that you can never make it on your own.

When the insecurities of the Narcissist finds no way inside to resolve and deal with, he will feel like groundless ground beneath him.

It’s like a wide open ended experience to him.

It’s the Fear.
How do we deal with this groundless ground?

Some people will divide the world up into how things should be done and how it should be.

We usually hold tight to that fear, we face it and we smile at it because we have no choice.

Sometimes the fear itself is the Vanguard of wisdom and courage.

Sometimes the fear is that point on that pointless ground.

Working with fear and being a whole hearted with it, is the basis of your sanity.

Working with fear and appreciating it and what underlies it, is a way to connect with goodness and to others .

Breath, touch and let go.
When you have those insecurities you will be facing two choices, two trends in life, it’s either torturing others or having the courage to be tender hearted and brave.

This fear will define who you are and will make you open and receptive unlike the Narcissist who chooses to have the opposite way which is torturing others and becoming merciless.

You and the Narcissist had the same fear but it’s you who will choose to place your loving mind into the cradle of tenderness and suckle it with compassion, mercy and warmth instead of making yourself a self-absorbed person like how the Narcissist chose to be.

It’s your mindset and your choice to act like that.

When you put yourself on that track, you will train your brain to act in a different way and your Trauma Bond will break.

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