The True Meaning Of Love.

Love is it’s own wisdom.
The heart itself is full of brain cells and brain processing.

The heart has it’s own knowledge.
It doesn’t need the mind to tell it anything.
It knows what a heart can know and that depth far transcends any form of human logic.

Our continual challenge as human beings is to unify the brain and the heart in a harmonious synchronisation with one another.

The heart is the female polarity while The mind is the male polarity.

Both are meant to be in perfect balance and that is what we are here to learn.

That balance is a veritable launch pad into our true potential.

Love knows it’s own energy.
Love is beyond doubt.
When you see something beautiful,

You don’t feel that beauty within and then second guess yourself saying how do I know this is true beauty?

How do you know?
Your heart knows true beauty and processes that information flawlessly.

We have been taught that only the brain in the cranium can do that.
We know better now.

You don’t wait and think something is beautiful only if someone told you it is a valid beauty.

All that is, is the usurping of your self authority in your own life because you don’t need that nor do you really want it.

That is a learnt response in this world.
These are the impossible standards humanity has forced upon itself for centuries in regards to the truth revealed by the heart.

The heart reveals the greatest truths as it has a link to infinity, to the core of all that exists.

Heart knowledge is a flight in all directions while logic prides itself on how fast it can sprint through its alignments.

Your response to beauty is happening lightning quick and you have no need to question it or confer with another about what you find beautiful.

Love is not rocket science, it is far beyond that.

Love knows it’s own essence.
The mind can only respond to what the heart presents.

You know by listening to your heart.
it’s either there or it’s not.

It’s true that we have been programmed into believing our natural functioning is difficult but at some point we must all dare to challenge and to claim a greater truth.

We don’t need to wait for anyone to give us permission because no one has that authority.

Many others don’t know the authentic power and equality of their own fellowman so they choose to defy it.

I can never resist talking about the power of love itself.

Real love leads to an elegant selflessness in which one is wholly cherishing of another’s essence.

This is not a Hallmark card I’m talking about.

Love isn’t a tickle on the cheek and a compliment for someone who’s profile fits your idea of desirability.

Love isn’t looking for a lovely painting to hang in your home or someone to make you feel good about yourself.

Love is the most powerful force in existence.
It has the power to painfully purge and lift a heart to ecstasy.

When you invite love into your heart you are connecting to your core essence as a human.

You are making a pact to be on the receiving end of the energy of love and not just your human definition of love but the definition of love that sets the law of the entire creation in motion.

How that love is expressed, received and experienced by you depends on how aware you are of your own authentic oneness with that love.

We attract the love that we feel we deserve.
Those feelings serve us well as we get exactly the teachers needed through that person to challenge and deepen our wisdom.

Love is like a blazing sun that fills the entire scope of existence.

How that light is experienced and to what degree depends on the shape and thickness of the passing clouds and lay poised before it.

Human consciousness could be compared to those clouds.

Those clouds filter the sun’s light according to their size and thickness.

A dark and heavy consciousness would imply the clouds are so thick that it can’t see beyond or even comprehend that their cloud selves are really not creating their own light.

They think the clouds create their own consciousness and life force.

Therefore cloud shape, thickness and expanse become their measure of self worth while making them a subject to an increasing darkness.

Mystics seek to dissipate the clouds and bask in the fullness of the sun.

Human beings grapple lifetime after lifetime with coming to terms with the ability to cease identifying themselves as clouds.

They belong in the sun.
The journey we are on is one of a closed door that went off track and thus it can be painful.

We must choose to accept our truth as an aspect of our own inherent self authority.

That is the purpose for these lifetimes and why so much illusion impacts it.

Our minds are the shape and thickness of the lens through which love’s power and radiance flows.

Human beings are in a process of self discovery and therefore experience many cloud forms and degrees of thickness.

Humans define light or truth by their own forms and thus to them it is a changing phenomenon as they progress as is love.

Human love can be oppressed and altered by the clouds and issues in human mind.

It is defined by those clouds and issues thus usually misinterpreted.

Love is blamed for human misunderstanding.

Love is blamed for the human pain of loss, loneliness, feelings of betrayal, feelings of unworthiness and the need for control.

Those issues don’t define love.
It only defines the experience that each human comprehends of love’s light.

Some say to force one’s beliefs upon another is for their own good and thus believe they are being loving.

This is a cloud form created by their own degree of understanding.

Some say if you do this or do that means that you love me.

That is a condition set upon love for a heart that has not yet understood it’s full ownership of the entire sun.

To harm another out of self love is not love.
To harm oneself over others love is not love.

Manipulation using love as an excuse is a cloud form and not love.

It arises from a lack of self awareness.
Loving is a tenacious teacher of a very high order.

When you open up to it, it doesn’t awaken in you just to stroke your needy cloud form.

It enters into you to reclaim you.

In this human beings misunderstanding the full scope of the purpose of love.

They think it is like winning a game and luckily receiving a wonderful treasure!

Ah love, now my life is complete.

Now we can do this and now that until clouds clash and form a thunder.

Then love is once again blamed.

Because of the uncomprehending humanity of what love is.

That initial high rides upon the coattails of a powerful tour de force that now has access to your heart willing to free you from your own self imprisonment.

In that love you will be challenged to confront your deepest fears in the name of that love and the power of love itself will make it difficult for you to merely walk or run away.

The majority of humanity is in a stage of love hopping because that is the extent of their understanding of love.

They find it here and when things go wrong they leave to find it there.

It goes wrong again and they are off to the race until the right one comes along when all along it is they who had to be the right one in order to access real love.

They had to be the light.
Their cloud follows them wherever they go and in their inability to see the sun love becomes their perceived nemesis.

So what is real love?
It is seeing the depth of love’s grace and loves’s purging potential.

It is realising that love has already unified every human being within its everpresence.

It is the searing act of transforming a child into a master with a heart and a mind to fill a creation.

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