The Truth I Would Like To Speak To The Narcissist I Once Loved For Closure ,, To You SY ,,

It is a hard and a bitter pill to swallow knowing that the person we were so deeply in love with never existed and that the person who does exist will never care about us, our truth, our feelings or our life.

But here we are learning to accept that which we can’t control and attempting to move forward into calmer waters.

We maybe nothing more than broken toys in the eyes of those we loved but it doesn’t make us any less real.

The reality is that they are the broken ones, they will never be real and this is a very sad heartbreaking truth.

Dear SY.
I have come full circle with you, opening up my heart and soul completely because the love that I had for you was so deep and the anguish that you left me in was even deeper.

I once told you that If you ever lost my love and trust you would never get it back.
You lost it and it won’t be coming back.

I have come full circle.
I know my own value and I don’t need you or anyone else to validate my worth.

I‘m not an empty vessel like you
You need to know that I KNOW everything about you ,, your lies and deceit are openly manifested in the words you speak, the actions you take and the life you live.

You don’t realise that the number one person you are deceiving is yourself.

I may not speak of all that I see but I know what I know to be true.

You survive on the life force of other people.
You keep a multitude of women on a string, out in cyberspace, feeding them lies and illusions, pretending to be someone and something you are not and can never be.

It is shameful and evil what you do and it will catch up on you someday.

That’s all you have got.
A shallow, ego driven, fantasy life of lies and delusions.

You have nothing of substance to offer anyone and you get off on destroying other people because it feeds your depraved ego.

You go out of your way to win the trust of innocent, vulnerable women, drive them crazy and then use their trust as a weapon against them.

You gossip about them, lie about them, betray them and stab them in the heart.

You are the one who has sabotaged every relationship you have ever had and deep down inside you know this but you will never admit it.

You always create a scapegoat in some innocent person who at some point loved and trusted you because you are selfish, self absorbed and a coward hiding behind your keyboard feeding the masses lies.

I can’t and don’t want to be angry anymore.
I feel such pity for you and for all of your victims.

Just because I never said a word doesn’t mean I’m unaware but I choose to be silent.

I have been broken, shattered and crushed and you were the catalyst of my brokenness as you well know.

What you didn’t see was the hidden truth behind that heart crushing pain I endured.

Those crushing, shattering moments released the strength in me from the depths of my heart, soul and spirit.

My strength is irresistible and I‘m so very grateful for the opportunities arriving in my life.

I don’t thank you for this but I thank God.
You are merely the vessel, one of wrath and destruction that He chose to bring about the necessary changes in me.

I have been released into the world with strength, courage and the highest energy I have ever manifested.

I‘m blessed, content and at peace.
As much as I pray the same for you, I doubt that you will ever receive it because you are too afraid to let go of the pride and ego that drives you forward.

You are A Textbook Narcissist.
You have probably heard this before.
People like you project their paranoid, double minded, two faced behaviour onto their victims.

I told you that I have learnt so much.
You are heartless and you will pay for what you have done whether in this life or the other.

This isn’t a sword fight.
This is me speaking my final truth for closure.
You will never humble yourself and speak the truth so I‘m choosing to do it.

I will always be a vessel of mercy.
I will continue to pray for you because all things are possible if we believe.


  • This is touching it made me cry 😢 u said everything I wanted to say but couldn’t put it into words. Thank u 🌷🌹

  • Knowing that I will never find it from him is a somehow a closure or this is how I feel ❤️

  • Very heartfelt post. One of the worst thing of the aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse is not getting closure. I hope that your post will give you that closure. X

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