The Truth.

Anyone who has been in a miserable and dysfunctional relationship will understand the comparison I am about to make.

Narcissistic Relationships are like cigarettes because you put it out when it is over.

When the flame is gone, you must put it out or it’s going to burn you.

This falls true with relationships that have lost their passion or spark and begins to hurt.

So we try to hold on to what is left of that relationship and hang on to it for as long as we can.

At this point what is left of the romance would be equivalent to a cigarette burnt down to the filter.

It doesn’t taste good to smoke a burnt filter, and you want to go back to the start where it was enjoyable and new.

But there’s no way that’s going to happen.

It has nothing of value left and the only appropriate place for it would be in the trash.

The cigarette has already burnt out entirely long time ago.

It has lived it’s lifespan and purpose.
Now it’s time to let it go.

Reminiscing and chasing after a previous toxic relationship is like searching through the trash to find that old cigarette butt and attempting to relight it.

Only those clinging on to a false value would attempt such a thing.

We learn eventually that not only cigarettes, but also the toxic relationship in our life will only cause us harm.

And at this point we should fall out of love with it and choose to stop damaging ourselves.

If you are or ever were in an Abusive Relationship, leave that poison where it belongs.

In the trash.

Take the rubbish out, throw it far away from you and never look back.

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